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    The act of preparing food by applying heat, often cooking in games produces items which yield some kind of benefit towards your character.

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    Some games, such as those in the Cooking Mama franchise are entirely based around the act of preparing food and in these games a number of cooking-themed minigames are usually employed. In these situations the player may fail the cooking task if they fail to perform well enough in the minigames and may be scored based on how well they perform at the minigames. Cooking minigames are not exclusive to games solely based around cooking and may be found in other genres as well, however outside of cooking-themed games cooking usually requires far less input from the player.
    In some games, particularly RPGs, the player can cook items to produce food which will restore character health or imbue other benefits or cook foods which can already be consumed by the character to make their beneficial effects more effective or to imbue them with additional beneficial effects. In RPGs characters may have a cooking skill which determines how powerful the beneficial effects of the foods they cook are, their success rate at cooking foods or which foods they can cook. Often cooking in such games requires the character being near objects such as fires. 
    One of the most notable examples of cooking appearing in games, especially outside the circles of RPG games and cooking games is in The Sims franchise. Cooking is a major aspect of these games with a cooking skill system being employed and sims often having to cook to fulfill their hunger and stay alive.


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