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    An imp head chef from Okami. He works for Orochi, preparing appetizers and main sacrifices with a lot of dedication to his job.

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     "I have to whip up a lip-smacking appetizer to whet Lord Orochi's appetite before the time comes for the human sacrifice course!" - Ajimi on what he does


    Head Chef Ajimi is a rare friendly imp from the Moon Cave. He's introduced while drowning his in own cooking pot and explains he fell in while daydreaming about his job. Despite working for a giant eight headed serpent, Ajimi is excited to serve his master in anyway he can. He believes that cooking is the best way to show his love for Orochi.
    Due to a disguise Amaterasu wears to get around the Moon Cave, he mistakes her for a loyal minion of Orochi and recruits her to prepare an appetizer. He needs four ingredients, Ogre Liver, Lips of Ice, Eyeball of Fire, and a Black Demon Horn. These four items are scattered throughout the cave. Bringing him all four items are required to reach Orochi and handing them over will let him create what he calls the "Dungheap Slimebucket Goulash" appetizer. He hopes it will make Orochi's latest sacrifice taste 1,000 times better.

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