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    The Japanese Shinto sun goddess, ruler of the Plain of Heaven, whose name means 'shining heaven' or 'she who shines in the heavens.' She takes on the form of a wolf in the game Okami, and is also the game's protagonist.

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     Amaterasu has been delivered to Nippon as an answer to a prayer to repeat the heroic deeds of the great wolf Shiranui. Amaterasu must watch over the people of Nippon by using the Celestial Brush to keep evil at bay throughout the land.

    Amaterasu returns to the village Kamiki on the 100th anniversary of the great battle where Shiranui and Nagi joined forces to defeat Orochi.

    This powerful goddess has the power to command the Celestial Brush. A century ago Amaterasu lost the physical body she inhabited during a bitter struggle to seal away Orochi. With the help of the wood sprite Sakuya, Amaterasu returns to the world bearing the likeness of statue located in an ancient village without many of the powers she held in the past. Her journey entails recovering these powers as she endeavors once again to defeat evil and bloom a lot of flowers. 
    She also appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds as playable character. Issun also tags along, dispensing the win quotes when Amaterasu wins a match.

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