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"Nesting in the Tsuta Ruins since ancient times, this arachnid is restless at the thought of Orochi's impending resurrection. Protected by a hard shell, the Spider Queen knows not the sting of pain. The watchful eyes on her back make attacks from the rear too risky. If there were some way to open the shell, the eyes could be attacked. That is her weak spot." - Spider Queen's bestiary entry from Okami


The Spider Queen is an early boss from Okami. She's a large monster mixed between a spider, a flower, and a woman wearing a white robe. Amaterasu first stumbles into her in search of a young boy's missing pet that has found its way into her flower-like abdomen. She refers to Orochi as 'master' and shows no respect for Amaterasu.


The Spider Queen makes good use of her name and has several spider-based attacks. She can spit up webbing to ensnare Amaterasu or use it to climb towards the ceiling in order to leap down and crush anything below. One of her signature moves is coughing up a large egg that she tosses like a bomb. Other than that, she uses her eight arms for physical attacks and to pound the ground if Amaterasu gets too close. Her weak point is a number of eyes protected by her flower-like abdomen.

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