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    Ark of Yamato

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    A large space ship from Okami that also serves as the final area. It was built by the Moon Tribe to imprison demons.

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    The Ark of Yamato is the last area from Okami that also serves as the point of no return. It was built by the moon tribe as a prison for demons and houses the final boss Yami, the Emperor of Everlasting Darkness. Once Amaterasu decides to board, she can no longer explore Nippon and must face five major bosses including the Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Blight, Ninetails, and Orochi in a boss rush. The only bosses not included is Lechku and Nechku who are fought right before reaching the Ark of Yamato. 


    Waka reveals before the final battle that during the fall of the Celestial Plain, the Ark was used as an means to escape by the Celestials. They were unaware it was actually a prison for demons and were all killed in the bowels of the ship. Soon after, it lost its rudder and crashed landed in the snow region of Kamui in Nippon. The demons were released to rampage across the land and the ship sank to the bottom of a lake that quickly froze over.

    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

    The Ark of Yamato appears as the stage background during the final battle against Yami.

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