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Ak'Anon is the reclusive home of Norrath's gnome population. The ancient city is buried beneath the Steamfont Mountains of eastern Faydwer where hundreds of Brell's smallest creation tinker some the world's wildest inventions. The gnomes of Ak'Anon are accustomed to being on their own and view other races with a certain level of tension, although they don't often mean any harm. The city features no less than nine guild halls where young gnomes learn their craft before venturing into the outside world. The gnomes' clockwork creations have spread across the globe. From fireworks to telescopes, many of their creations are now sold in cities across Norrath. The city guards are actually clockwork creations themselves and are programmed to guide citizens and visitors to locations within the city upon request. Ak'anon is also the only city known to have a zoo.

Young gnomes of an evil persuasion have often been found testing their newly learned skills on these defenseless creatures. Beneath the city is a society of gnomes worshipping Bertoxxulous. The Temple of Dark Reflection is tolerated by the good-natured gnomes as the two factions seem to have an unspoken truce to not cause harm to one another. The city is ruled by King Ak'anon, the greatest invention of the gnomes. King Ak'Anon himself is a clockwork creation. The gnomes have created an immortal king who has ruled over the city for over five centuries without a single year of hardship.

Neighboring Zones

Starting City


  • Dark Reflection
  • Deep Muses
  • Eldritch Collective
  • Gem Choppers
  • King AkAnon
  • Merchants of AkAnon

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassesGuildmasterChurch
The Abbey of Deep MusingClerics, Paladins, RoguesIony Gredlong (CLR)
Lewis Reldnok (PAL)
Welno Tanboots (ROG)
Brell Serilis
Gem Choppers HallWarriorsBaxok Curhunter
Library MechanamagicaEnchanters, Magicians, WizardsJuline Urncaller (ENC)
Tobon Starpyre (WIZ)
Wuggan Azusphere (MAG)
Temple of Dark ReflectionClerics, Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers,
Rogues, Shadow Knights, Warriors, Wizards
Eonis Mournunder (ENC)
Evah Xokez (CLR)
Garret Zethkog (SK)
Kaxon Frennor (ROG)
Naygog Mitope (WAR)
Rilgor Plegnog (ENC)
Vaenor Husga (MAG)
Velena Corgtec (WIZ)

Commerce & Crafting

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Ak'anon PalaceBaking, Brewing, Pottery, TailoringOven, Pottery Wheel, Kiln
Bank of Ak'anonBankJewelry
The BazaarFood, Water, Bags, Boots
Clink Tink BunkerFood, Water, PotionsFishing
The DocksCloth ArmorFishing, TailoringLoom
Forge of DefianceBlunt WeaponsAk'anon Forge
Mines of MalfunctionSmithing
The Oil CanAlcoholBrewingBrew Barrel
The SmithySlashing Weapons, Piercing WeaponsSmithing
Tick Tock JettyTinkering
Timekeep SquareFood, General Supplies, Weapons, ShieldsFletching
Tools of BattleWeapons
Whiz Click BunkerCloth Armor
The WorksLeather ArmorFIshing, Tailoring


Notable NPCs

Abbey of Deep Musing
Abbey of Deep Musing

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