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Enchanters typically excel in the fields of illusions and mind manipulation to achieve their goals. Their ability to mesmerize or even charm enemies is vital to their and their allies' success. Outside of combat, they typically specialize in jewel crafting thanks to their ability to enchant metals and gems with magical properties.


Erudite Enchanter
Erudite Enchanter

In EverQuest, enchanters have the ability to mesmerize enemies in order to easily fight a mob one at a time, or even charm an enemy to use it against its cohorts. Enchanters also have the ability to cast illusion spells on themselves to change their appearance to any race. And since most enchanters are agnostic, they can get into most any city in Norrath without catching a glaring eye. Aside from their crowd control abilities, groups of adventurers will often search for an Enchanter to join them for their ability to cast Haste upon their melee classes. A good enchanter often is the most valuable asset a group can have, but a weak enchanter will often result in a party's death. Enchanters, like other casters, are limited to cloth armor.

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