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    Elemental Weapons

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    Need a sword the burns your foes or a gun that zaps them with lightning? Then Elemental Weapons are the ones for you.

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    Elemental Weapons are a common factor of many video games. They can range from a sword to a gun and use a wide range of elements. Sometimes they will gain their power from magic and other times it is just technology. These elemental factor is often used to increase the power of weapons, adding specific effects, like flame to burn, ice to freeze, acid to dissolve, lightning to paralyze, etc ... And Also as a strategic element since some enemies can be more or less vulnerable to a specific element. It happens that some elemental weapons are needed to solve an enigma that can unlock a passage for example.

    Some elemental weapons can be combined to obtain a new effect or simply having a bit of both proprieties but in a less powerful quantity to make the weapon more versatile and less specialized.

    Magical weapons

    These weapons can gain elemental proprieties when using a magic power on it to add the wanted effect (this effect is temporary) or mixing the weapons materials with some magical gems with an associated element to have the power permanently with the weapon. Some other Weapons are naturally magic like the Thor's hammer that is electrical and throws lightning bolts.

    Technological weapons

    These weapons exits for some while some others are completely fictional, they are generally energy and chemical weapons, when it comes to projectiles they can use the most suited process to obtain the wanted effect and increase the range of weapon. For example we should use some napalm container to obtain a fire effect while we should use a compact generator to generate lightning effect.

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