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Frank'n'Bill are a mission boss located in the Dead Haven district of The Zombie Island of Dr.Ned DLC for the game Borderlands. Frank'n'Bill is a culmination of the evil Dr.Ned's last two assistants, Frank and Bill. Instead of putting them together with time and effort, Dr.Ned confesses to just slapping the two together in a haphazard and rather unsafe manner creating the ghoulish creature that is Frank'n'Bill.

Though quite the visual brute, Frank'n'Bill is most vulnerable (as are all the zombie enemies) against explosive and incendiary weapons. Scoring a critical/ head shot (with said weapons) is also a sure-fire way to take the beast down. With Frank'n'Bill utilizing two main attacks, the smash and the projectile orb, it's best to take on Frank'n'Bill from a distance (preferably a nearby rooftop). Even though Frank'n'Bill can still employ his projectile attack against the player when they are standing at a distance, by keeping away from the creature at said distance, it gives the player more time to react and get out of the way of projectile attack's slowing/damaging effect.

With the death of Frank'n'Bill the player will gain the completion of the "It's Alive" mission as well as a few items of loot that he drops.


*Use explosive or incendiary weapons.

*Shoot it in the head!

*Avoid using shock weapons (they replenish his health).

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