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Overview (EverQuest)

West Freeport Gates
West Freeport Gates

Freeport is one of the, if not the most important cities in all of Norrath. It is the mercantile center of the world. While Qeynos is relatively exclusive to human, erudite, and half elf residents and merchants (with an occasional dwarf, halfling, or wood elf), Freeport is a melting pot of every race in the known world. At its core, it is a human city, but there is a significant presence of foreigners among the city's residents, merchants, and visitors. A seedy underground exists for the "evil" people of the world to do business, but there are portions of the city on the surface that tolerate dark elves. Most of the city is under the control of the corrupt Freeport Militia, so even the most conniving and dastardly Norrathians can fairly quickly earn enough faction to freely roam Freeport. In conversation, most locals have divided the massive city into three regions; east, north, and west.

East Freeport is not necessarily the nicest part of the town. Most of this portion of human city is a slum, but it does have one very important feature; the docks. Two boats make stops at the Freeport docks taking adventurers across The Ocean of Tears to the continent of Faydwer. The city gates lead to the Desert of Ro to the south. Beneath the surface of the slums lies a Temple of Innoruuk where human necromancers, shadow knights, and other worshippers of hate begin their journey. The entrance to this hidden society lies beneath the docks, allowing evil visitors to Freeport to jump off the boat before being spotted by the guards on the docks. Like the western portion of Freeport, the guards patrolling the slums and docks are part of the corrupt Freeport Militia led by Sir Lucan D'Lere. The Seafarer's Roost is an inn for tired seafarers, but is also the secret hideout for Freeport's rogues.

The Temple of Marr
The Temple of Marr

North Freeport is the last remnant of the Freeport of old. This region of the massive city is the last to not be controlled by Sir Lucan's militia. The Knights of Truth, followers of Mithaniel Marr, patrol the streets and protect it's residents as best they can from the corruption found in the rest of the city. The clerics and paladins found in the Temple of Marr worship both Mithaniel and his sister Erollisi. Lucan's forces grow every day, but the Knights of Truth still control the city's only bank, which is known simply as The Vault. North Freeport is also home to the eastern branch of the League of Antonican bards. The shops are much nicer in this part of the city, and the prices reflect that.

West Freeport is the heart of Lucan's forces in the large human city. The militia's barracks lie just within the city gates after arriving from the Commonlands. Along the city's outer walls, those not welcome in Freeport can find an underground tunnel leading the seedy underground sewers. In the southern area of this part of town, a large arena awaits young warriors to begin their training. And across the way, a calm cabin next to a stream houses The Ashen Order, where young monks learn the skills of tranquility. Near the Ashen Order, a theater built by bards can be found. The most notable feature of this part of the city though is The Academy of Arcane Sciences, which can be found floating above a pond in the center of town. The Academy serves as the guildhouse for magicians, enchanters, and wizards, and sells some of the greatest spells found this side of Erudin. The guild leader, Lome Tredore, remains neutral in the war that is tearing the city apart. West Freeport is obviously the most diverse part of the city, and is also home to many different merchants that cater to all types of tradeskills.

Neighboring Zones

Staring City


  • Arcane Scientists
  • Ashen Order
  • Coalition of Tradefolk
  • Coalition of Tradefolk Underground
  • Dismal Rage
  • The Freeport Militia
  • Guards of Qeynos
  • Knights of Truth
  • Merchants of Qeynos
  • Opal Darkbriar
  • Priests of Marr
  • Steel Warriors

Guild Halls

Guild HallClassesGuildmasterChurch
Academy of Arcane SciencesEnchanters, Magicians, WizardsLorme Tredor (MAG)
Romiak Jusathorn (ENC)
Ashen OrderMonksPuab Closk
Coalition of Tradefolk UndergroundRoguesElisi Nasin
Dismal KnightsShadow KnightsPietro Zarn
Dismal PriestsClericsVenox TarkogInnoruuk
Dismal RageEnchanters, Magicians, WizardsHeneva Jexsped (MAG)
Konious Eranon (ENC)
Nexvok Thirod (WIZ)
Dismal WarriorsWarriorsBrutol Rhaksen
Hall of TruthClerics, PaladinsEestyana Naestra (CLR)
Valeron Dushire (PAL)
Mithaniel Marr
Marsheart's ChordsBardsCaskin Marsheart
Rage SorcerersNecromancersOpal Darkbriar
Steel WarriorsWarriorsCain Darkmoore
Temple of MarrClerics, PaladinsGygus Remnar (PAL)
Tholius Quey (CLR)
Erollisi Marr

Commerce & Crafting

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Armor by Ikthar (E)Plate Armor, Chain ArmorSmithingAntonican Forge
Backalley Brewhouse (E)Racial Alcohol
The Blue Building (N)GemsJewelry
Boomba the Big (W)Pickled Food
Brownloe Bakery (W)FoodBakingPottery Wheel, Kiln
Chops & Hops (E)AlcoholOven
Coalition of Trade Folks (N)Food, Water, General Supplies
The Emporium (N)Cloth ArmorForge
Freeport City Hall (W)Loom
Freeport Fine Clothiers (N)Cloth ArmorPottery
The Freeport Inn (E)Food, Water, General Supplies
Galio's Meat and Mullet (N)FoodBrew Barrel, Oven,
Pottery Wheel, Kiln
Gord's Smithy (E)Weapons, BagsForge
Groflah's Forger (N)WeaponsSmithing, PotteryForge
Grub n' Grogg Tavern (E)Alcohol, FoodBrew Barrel, Oven
Gurb's Anvil (W)PotteryPottery Wheel, Kiln
Hallard's Resales (E)Weapons
The Jade Tiger's Den (N)Food, Water, General Supplies
Lady Linadian's (W)Cloth Armor
Lady Krystin's (W)Brewing
Leather & Hide (E)Leather ArmorTailoring
Fuzzlecutter's Tent (W)Wigs, Water
Port Authority (E)Fishing
Public Bunkhouse (N)FletchingOven
Seafarer's Roost (E)Rare Alcohol, Rogue SuppliesBrew Barrel
Steel Warriors (W)WeaponsForge
Tassel's Tavern (N)AlcoholBrew Barrel
Torlig's Herbs & Medicines (W)AlchemyOven
Trader's Holiday (E)AlcoholSmithingBrew Barrel, Oven
The Vault (N)Bank, Gems
Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods (E)Racial AlcoholSmithing
The World at Hand (N)Food, Water


Notable NPCs

Sir Lucan D`Lere
Sir Lucan D`Lere

Overview (EverQuest II)


During the Age of Destiny, Freeport fell under the complete corruption of the lich, Overlord Lucan D'Lere. All of those who followed the ways of hate, fear, and chaos that survived the cataclysm found there way to Freeport to regroup before venturing out into the broken world of Norrath.


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