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    A variety of the mineral beryl, emeralds are usually green in color.

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    Ragnarok Online

    Emerald Sprite
    Emerald Sprite

    In Ragnarok Online the emerald is an uncommon drop that is not usable by itself but can be sold or used in some quests.


    • Buy Value - 6000z
    • Sell Value - 3000z
    • Weight - 10

    Dropped By

    • Photon Cannon - (10% Chance)
    • Vocal - (10% Chance)
    • Frilldora - (0.15% Chance)
    • Mantis - (0.1% Chance)
    • Killer Mantis - (0.1% Chance)
    • Fabre - (0.08% Chance)
    • Roda Frog - (0.07% Chance)
    • Worm Tail - (0.05% Chance)

    Quests Used In

    • Archer Platinum Skills Quest

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