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    Noriaki Kakyoin

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    Wielder of the Stand, Hierophant Green. A schoolmate of Jotaro and later his ally in the fight against Dio.

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    Noriaki Kakyoin wields the Stand of string, Hierophant Green. He keeps his cool and has a strong sense of justice. Kakyoin was initially fearful of Dio's strength, but eventually regained confidence on his journey.

    First Meeting with Dio

    Several months before the start of Stardust Crusaders, Kakyoin met Dio at Egypt. Dio sensed that Kakyoin was a Stand-wielder and challenged him to a duel. Kakyoin lost and Dio implanted a mind-control parasite on him. He then sent Kakyoin to kill Jotaro.

    Stardust Crusaders

    Soon after Jotaro left prison, Kakyoin met Jotaro at high school. Kakyoin lost his duel against him and Jotaro removed the mind-control parasite from him. Kakyoin then explained his situation and joined Jotaro to defeat Dio.

    Kakyoin along with Polnareff and Joseph helped to defeat Steely Dan, wielder of The Lovers. Kakyoin single-handedly defeated Mannish Boy, wielder of Death 13. He later sustained injury to his eyes during the group's fight against N'Dour and was taken away to recover. Kakyoin then rejoined the quest and lost his fight against Terrence T. D'Arby, wielder of Atum.

    Kakyoin later fought against Dio and discovered The World's ability to stop time in exchange for his life. He conveyed the message to Joseph Joestar.


    Hierophant Green

    Kakyoin's Stand, Hierophant Green has the ability to extend its limbs like strings and fire emeralds.


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