Muhammad Abdul

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    Wielder of the Stand, Magician's Red. An Egyptian fortune teller and a good friend of Joseph.

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    Muhammad Abdul wields the stand of fire Magician's Red. He is very serious, knowledgeable, and a very skilled fighter. He found and tamed Iggy and recruited his aid. He also found Joseph Joestar and befriended him in his quest to defeat Dio Brando.

    Abdul followed Joseph to meet Jotaro. Abdul explained the nature of the Stand and divined Jotaro's Stand's name, Star Platinum.

    At Hong Kong, the group met Jean Pierre Polnareff. Polnareff requested a duel with Abdul. Silver Chariot fights best within an enclosed area while Magician's Red fights best in an open area in warm weather. Polnareff dueled Abdul outside the restaurant. Abdul eventually won and recognized Polnareff's chivalry. Jotaro removed the mind-control parasite from Polnareff and he joined the group.

    At Calcutta, Abdul, Polnareff, and Kakyoin fought J. Geil and Hol Horse. Abdul sustained a grievous wound and was taken out of commission.

    Later at the Red Sea, Abdul returned to the group. At Egypt, Joseph and Abdul defeated Mariah.

    At Dio's mansion, Abdul, Polnareff, and Iggy ran into Vanilla Ice. Abdul was using a fire ankh that can detect life forms, but it couldn't detect Ice because he was hidden in his Stand, Cream. Abdul noticed the noise made by Cream at the last second and pushed Polnareff aside, saving him at the cost of his life.


    Magician's Red

    Abdul's Stand, Magician's Red has the ability to conjure and control fire. Unlike regular fire, the fire of Magician's Red is vastly more intense and powerful and it can be controlled in ways that regular fire cannot behave.


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