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    Hol Horse

    Character » appears in 8 games

    Wielder of the Stand, The Emperor. An assassin sent by Dio to kill Jotaro's group.

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    Hol Horse wields the Stand, The Emporer. He is one of the assassins who was hired by Dio Brando to kill Jotaro's group. Hol Horse is arrogant and laid back. He prefers to work along with another Stand-wielder because he cannot function alone effectively.

    Hol Horse initially teamed up with J. Geil to fight against Polnareff, Kakyoin, and Abdul. J. Geil uses his Stand, The Hanged Man, to attack from reflective surfaces while Hol Horse backs him up. They managed to mortally wound Abdul before Polnareff killed J. Geil, causing Hol Horse to run away.

    Later, Hol Horse teamed up with Boingo, wielder of Thoth who has the ability to predict the future through his comic book. Hol Horse incorrectly acted upon the comic book's prediction to shoot Jotaro and instead ended up killing himself.


    The Emporer

    Hol Horse's Stand, The Emporer is a gun. Hol Horse can freely control the direction of the bullet it fires and it does not need to reload.


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