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    Joseph Joestar

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    The main protagonist of the second arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency. Later wields the Stand Hermit Purple in the third arc, Stardust Crusaders.

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    Joseph Joestar is the main protagonist of the second arc of the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency. He is the grandson of Jonathan Joestar, the main protagonist of the first arc, Phantom Blood. His daughter Holly Joestar later gave birth to Jotaro Kujo. Joseph is hotheaded and confrontational. He also has the uncanny ability to predict what his opponent will say next.

    Battle Tendency

    Joseph in the 2012 anime
    Joseph in the 2012 anime

    Joseph was called to Mexico where he discovered a secret underground Nazi facility where they were studying a mysterious being referred to as a Pillarman. The Pillarman, named "Santana" by the scientists, attempted to escape the facility but was defeated by Joseph. Later, Joseph went to Rome, where more such Pillarmen resided. There, he met Caesar Zeppeli, the grandson of William Zeppeli.

    Caesar and Joseph met the three remaining Pillarmen, Cars, AC/DC, and Wham. Joseph was easily defeated, and he requested to have a rematch in a month's time. Caesar brought him to train in the use of Ripple / Hamon under his tutor Lisa Lisa.

    Later, Joseph managed to defeat AC/DC and incurred the wrath of Cars and Wham. Caesar was defeated by Wham who was later defeated by Joseph. Finally, Joseph defeated Cars after Cars had attained unimaginable power. In that battle, Joseph lost his right hand, but the German army replaced it with a robotic appendage.

    Stardust Crusaders

    Joseph met with Muhammad Abdul at Egypt. He received a call from Holly requesting for him to return to Japan to talk to Jotaro. Joseph explained that Jotaro had developed a Stand. Later, they discovered that Holly had also developed a Stand which was eating away at her life. Joseph used his Stand to discover that Dio Brando had also awakened to his Stand and they needed to defeat him.

    Joseph's Stand, Hermit Purple is not very good at combat. He mainly serves as an advisor to the group. The few battles that he was involved in included Steely Dan, wielder of The Lovers; Nena, wielder of The Empress; and Mariah, wielder of Bast.

    In the final battle against Dio, Kakyoin lost his life to learn Dio's Stand, The World's ability. He conveyed the message to Joseph who successfully deciphered the message and relayed it to Jotaro. Joseph was beaten and had his blood sucked by Dio. After the defeat of Dio, his blood was transfused back to Joseph to revive him.

    Diamond is Unbreakable

    Joseph requested Jotaro to investigate his illegitimate child, Josuke Higashitaka. Later, he was involved in recruiting a baby whose Stand, Achtung Baby can turn her invisible. The baby was adopted by Joseph.


    Ripple / Hamon

    Ripple / Hamon is a life force that was first discovered and used by Jonathan Joestar and William Zeppeli in the first arc, Phantom Blood. The ability to wield Ripple / Hamon was inherited by Joseph. Ripple / Hamon is the main weapon used to defeat vampires.

    Steel Crackers

    Throughout Battle Tendency, Joseph uses a pair of steel balls attached to chains as his weapons of choice. He channels Ripple / Hamon through them to attack.

    Hermit Purple

    Joseph gained his Stand, Hermit Purple when Dio awakened to his Stand, The World. Hermit Purple manifests as a tangle of purple thorny vines. It is used to channel Ripple / Hamon to attack. It can also be used to break a camera to take a picture of far-sight. Alternatively, he could use a television to project the vision into the television.


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