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    In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a Stand is a psychic power that "stands by" its user. A Stand's appearance and abilities can vary wildly on an individual basis.

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    Jotaro Kujo (right) and his Stand, Star Platinum (left)
    Jotaro Kujo (right) and his Stand, Star Platinum (left)

    A Stand is an innate psychic power used by the heroes and villains of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. They were introduced in the third arc of the manga, Stardust Crusaders. Stands are beings generated from people's life energies, their shapes varied in many different types, including humanoid, robotic, objects, etc. A person who can summon Stand is a Stand User. Stands can appear when their users want, or hide in users' bodies. Stands have different superpowers, and they act under Stand Users' orders.

    There are rules that most Stands generally abide by:

    • A Stand protects its user. There have been some Stands that are actively hostile to their users, however.
    • A person can only have one Stand, though it can sometimes evolve through various means.
    • Since a Stand is a part of the user, any damage that a Stand sustains is also afflicted towards the user. For example, if a Stand gets its leg sliced off, the user's leg is also sliced off. Many object-based or long-range Stands do not suffer from this, however. This is also unlikely to affect non-humanoid Stands since the bodies of the Stand and user are not physiologically equivalent.
    • Only Stand Users can see Stands. To non-Stand Users, a Stand in action most likely resembles an invisible psychic ability, like telekinesis.
    • Stands are bound to a user's body. Some Stands are bound to objects, however.

    Stands are generally classed into close-range Stands and long-range Stands. Close-range Stands stay near their users, usually floating several meters away from their users. Close-range Stands are usually humanoid Stands. Long-range Stands can travel far away from their users, and sometimes their wounds don't reflect users when they travel far enough from users. However, the destruction of long-range Stands still kills users.

    Stand users usually get Stand powers from Stand arrows, which are arrows made by ancient people using fragments of a meteor that fell on earth long time ago as materials. It's inferred that the meteor carries a mysterious force that awakes people's avatars of life energy. People who are stabbed by Stand arrows will become Stand users if they are qualified.


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