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    Black Polnareff

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    Jean Pierre Polnareff is possessed by Anubis.

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    Polnareff when he was being possessed by the Stand Anubis. Black Polnareff is one of the few characters in the JoJoBA universe who wielded 2 Stands at the same time.

    After Chaka was defeated, Polnareff took the Anubis sword and went for a haircut. There, the barber, Khan, was possessed by the sword and was defeated by Jotaro. After Khan was defeated, Anubis took possession of Polnareff and fought Jotaro. Anubis was finally defeated and was flung into the Nile River.


    Silver Chariot and Anubis

    Polnareff wields both Silver Chariot and Anubis at the same time. He gains Anubis' learning ability and uses Silver Chariot's fencing abilities. On the other hand, Polnareff is unable to fight alongside Silver Chariot.


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