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    A heavily armored soldier in the service of a lord or cause. Typically a champion of good and a defender of the innocent.

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    The Knight first emerged as a soldier in the Sassanid Persian Empire in the early centuries CE, then spread west to the Byzantine Roman Empire several centuries later, and then further west to Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Usually deriving themselves from wealthy land owners, knights could afford the armor for their horse and body to protect themselves from almost anything that was swung their way, while frightening their enemies. Alongside this, they headed to a Chivalric Code which were a set of guidelines which revolved around helping the weak. Knight's Orders appeared later on in the Middle Ages, usually appearing around times of Crusades. The most notable of which include the Knights Templar, the Knights Hospitaller (later the Knights of Saint John) and the Teutonic Knights.

    Today, Knighthood is a term used in some European nations to award people who have accomplished great feats, most famously used in England. Even though Knights Orders still exist today, they have no where near as much prominence as they did during the Medieval Ages.

    Knights have also been applied to non-fiction, most famously, in the legend of King Arthur. Usually, in these stories knights go on a quest for an object to help the land. Examples are the quest of the holy grail, or killing the town terrorizing dragon.

    Video games

    Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

    The Knight is the main character class for fighting close-range. To compensate fighting in the front lines they have good HP and can wear the heaviest of armors. The Knight's weapon of choice is the sword, but later on in the game they gain access to the most powerful weapons in the game, the Knight swords. To unlock the Knight class you simply have to level your starting job squire to level 2.

    The Knight's unique abilities are the "Arts of War" which involve weakening the enemy, complementing their need to get forward and protect the other team members. Their usefulness is taken into question by many due to their low accuracy and the need to defeat the enemies rather than leaving them on the battlefield to cause problems, nevertheless, it is great for setting up an attack from another team member if the Knight's attack won't be powerful enough to finish them off.

    Destroying Rend Attacks - Rend Helm (300 Job Points), Rend Armor (400 Job Points), Rend Shield (300 Job Points), Rend Weapon (400 Job Points)

    Lowering Rend Attacks - Rend MP (250 JP) takes half of the maximum MP, Rend Speed (250 JP) 2 points, Rend Power (250 JP) 3 points, Rend Magick (250 JP) 3 points.

    Other abilities include:

    Reaction Ability - Parry - 200 Job Points to buy - The Knight blocks physical attacks with their weapon (Each weapon has its own blocking value)

    Support Ability - Equip Heavy Armor - 500 Job Points to buy - You can equip Heavy Armor regardless of what job the specific character is.

    Support Ability - Equip Shields - 250 Job Points to buy - You can equip Shields regardless of what job the specific character is.

    Support Ability - Equip Swords - 400 Job Points to buy - You can equip Swords regardless of what job the specific character is.

    The Knight has no movement abilities.


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