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    Anduin Lothar

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    A hero of the Human race from Blizzard's WarCraft series of video games.

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    Sir Anduin Lothar, the true lion of Azeroth, was the last descendant of the Arathi bloodline, a granted title of Supreme Commander and Knight Champion, prior to both the First War and the Second. Unfortunately, he perished in Blackrock Mountain, due to the fact that to parlaying with Warchief Orgim Doomhammer, planned an incoming ambush and was outnumbered. He was considered a true hero or underrated hero of the Azeroth and to humankind.


    Lothar is utmost handsome, determined and brilliant. Though he rarely shows emotion, he grieves for his fallen friends and country. Lothar is passionate and persuasive, radiating strength and conviction. Since the deaths of his childhood friends, Magus Medivh and Llane Wrynn, he carries little to avenge the deaths of those fallen and reclaim his homeland. His voice is rich and evocative, commanding respect and attention. As the last of the true heirs of the Arathian bloodline, this resides well in Lothar's blood as his leadership and tactics were a great benefit to winning the war and taking the attack to the orcs' homeworld, Draenor. The Alliance, especially the high elves of Quel'Thalas respected his valor and integrity as his bloodline, saved the elves from the invasion of the Forest Trolls.

    Prior to the First War

    Lothar grew up along with his companions, Magus Medivh and Llane Wrynn. The trio has plently of adventures in the Azerothian forests in their youth. Upon coming his age, Lothar joined the Azerothian army, as talented as he is, roused above ranks to Armsman of the Brotherhood of the Horse. This achievement can only be accomplish through leadership, and in his blood, he possess that great talent. Knowing soon we will require it in the onslaught of the Orcs.

    The First War

    When the establishment of the Dark Portal, whom teleported the corrupted orcs in Azeroth. Trampling and pillaging through the lands of Azeroth, upon destruction to the Stormwind Keep, Lothar, aggressively advocating to an counterstrike to the King Adamant Wrynn. The king soon died because his old age, unable to fulfill his pledge, the new king Llane Wrynn stepped up and followed the pledge. Ensembling the armies of Stormwind and the clerics of Northshire Abbey, along Lothar as their commander, retaliated the orcs back to the Swamps of Sorrows. At some point during the war, a treasured book from Northshire Abbey was stolen by a band of rogue thieves
    Anduin Lothar in the First War
    Anduin Lothar in the First War
    led by Turok. Lothar led an expedition to the depths of Deadmines to reclaim it, but was vastly outrun and held captive for the following months ahead. Imprisoned for twenty months, the Azerothian armies were sent to rescue Lothar and his surviving men and to reclaim the Tome of Divinity to its righteous owner, Northshire Abbey. Returning back to the war front, Lothar was shocked when, the apprentice of Medivh, Khadgar warned him, that Medivh was the reason why the Dark Portal was created thus sending the armies of orcs into Azeroth. After an audience of much heated debates, Lothar , Garona and Khadgar led an expedition to kill his childhood friend, Magus Medivh. Descending onto Medivh tower, Karazhan, Khadgar, Garona and Lothar faced Medivh. But only this Medivh was possessed by the soul of the god known as Sargeras. Khadger, Lothar and Garona defeated this possessed Medivh, knowing the only true hope to this fight was the wards inside the tower to blind "Medivh". Medivh wasn't the answer to weaken the Horde's morale but as a new orc leader stepped in, Rend Blackhand, the Horde clearly learned the Human tactics and vastly destroyed the lands of Azeroth, as well as murdering the King by Garona's betrayal. Under great defeat, Lothar directed the surviving armies to rally and to sent sail to the lands of Lordaeron, knowing the armies of Lordaeron will help them.

    The Second War

    Upon landing onto, the lands of Lordaeron, Lothar told the devastion of his beloved homeland to King Terenas Menethil, as result as a emergency council thus creating the Alliance of Lordaeron, and this Alliance responded well, knowing Lothar was the last bloodline to the heir of Arathi. The high elves of Quel'Thalas sent an contingent of their forces, vowing to repay their debts since the
    Lothar in the Second War.
    Lothar in the Second War.
    Troll Wars, the Wildhammer dwarves of Aerie Peak also joined because they were attacked by the Horde, as well as the Bronzebeard dwarves and Gnomes, after an attack by the Horde. Knowing that the gnomes valved their love for technology, this was soon, a great deal for the Alliance. The countless controversy of placing a hero of a rival nation as soon decided, as Lothar was named the Supreme Commander of the Alliance, accompany by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, of Kul'Tiras, Uther the Lightbringer of the Silver Hand, Turalyon in second in command and Archmage Khadgar as his lieutenants. With his great leadership and valor, Lothar and the Alliance swept the lands of Azeroth, liberating Khaz Modan and the lands off Azeroth , victorious at seas by the might of the Admiral's fleet of ships and the high elves subtle ambushes. Eventually, breaching to the Swamps of Sorrows and soon Blackrock Spire. Prior to the events upon the invasion of Blackrock Spire, Lothar was sent to parlay with Orgrim Doomhammer to settle for a peace treaty, as Lothar and his men arrived to Blackrock for the diplomatic assessment. Unaware of an ambush, Lothar was vastly outnumbered and wasn't greeted diplomatically.  During the amidst of chaos, with the armies of the Alliance, separated, Lothar was forced to duel with Orgrim Doomhammer, Warchief of the Horde, this duel was an advantage to the Warchief as the armies of the Horde interrupted this duel, killing Lothar, as it was unfair duel. This parlay was an advantage for Orgrim's forces as Lothar made a last stand but perished at the base of Blackrock, not knowing that this Horde will ever parlay with the Humans as savage and subtle as they were.  This Warchief believed that Lothar's death , will decrease the morale of the Alliance, but it didn't. Turalyon, second in command took Lothar's title and destroyed the Horde and soon the Dark Portal for revenge of Sir Anduin Lothar.

    True Legacy and Remberance

     With the death of Lothar, the high elves withdraw, a high amount of their forces back to Quel'Thalas, knowing no purpose for assisting the Alliance. After the death of the last true heir of the Arathi bloodline, Terenas quickly reminded to the elves that, the Alliance took the liberty on liberating their lands from the taint of the Horde but to no result, the elves abandoned the Alliance. Knowing their greatest regret in the undeniable Third War. Lothar did not see the day when Stormwind was reclaimed and rebuilt but a massive statue in dedication of him was built in Blackrock Spire (by orcish slaves). Lothar's legacy resides in every Azerothian's blood.  The "now" prince of Stormwind bears his name as for the renowned King, Varian Wrynn(aka Lo'Gosh), claimed the belt of Anduin Lothar from the Halls of Legends, as he access the armories of Orgrimmar, back when he was a gladiator. The Alliance Expedtion of Outland (Draenor), led by veterans whom fought Lothar alongside the Second War, named themselves, Sons of Lothar, "in honour of greatness and selfless hero, they ever knew", stated from Khadgar. The Monument of Remembrance was built as a memorial for everything he fought for.

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