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Chaka is one of the wielders of the Stand of sword, Anubis. He was a caravan escort who discovered Anubis and was possessed by it. Even though Chaka himself has no skill or experience in sword-fighting, Anubis controlled his body to wield the sword efficiently.

Chaka first found Polnareff at Egypt. There, they fought a duel and Polnareff eventually won. He then brought the sword Anubis to a barber for a haircut. The barber, Khan, then became the next wielder of Anubis. Khan was defeated by Jotaro.

Anubis then possessed Polnareff to fight Jotaro and Jotaro defeated him. Anubis was flung into the river where it was lost.



Anubis is a Stand that was forged into a sword 500 years prior. He was discovered by Dio in a museum. It exerts its will on the person who wields it and possesses him to fight. Anubis has the ability to memorize and instantly develop a counter to any attack that is used against him. He can also match his opponents strength and speed after experiencing it once.


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