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    Cobalt Scar

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    Cobalt Scar is one of the claw marks left by Veeshan. It has since been flooded with seawater.

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    Cobalt Scar is the southern most of the three scars left on the continent of Velious by Veeshan. The region is divided into two main areas known as Dragon Claw peninsula and Siren's Bay. The bay is full of the icy waters that flow in from the Iceclad Ocean to the south. The waters hold a secret passage through the otherwise impassible cliffs to the north to Siren's Grotto. Siren's Bay is also the home to an ancient dragon known as Kelorek'Dar, which makes travelling to Siren's Grotto a gamble every time. The sirens themselves are quite dangerous as well. They are all adept enchanters, which can be tricky even for the most experienced adventurers. The beach is home to the largest population of othmir anywhere on Norrath. This race of otter-like people are friendly to most anyone and spend most of their time gathering crustaceans which they use for food, then armor.

    Dragon Ring
    Dragon Ring

    Overlooking the beach from steep cliffs is an expansive tundra inhabited by dozens of wyverns. This area is known as the Dragon Claw peninsula, and any experienced druids and wizards find this part of the region excellent for gaining experience and rare gems by themselves. The peninsula stretches from the eastern cliffs due west, which protects the bay from the bone chilling winds that blast the southern cliffs. At the end of the peninsula is a tower constructed by the dragons of Skyshrine, and inside it is a portal to enter their massive city. Cobalt Scar is also the fourth teleport location on the continent, and is the farthest into Velious one can teleport to before having to travel on foot through Siren's Grotto to the Western Wastes.

    Neighboring Zones

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Bloogy ShellcrackerFood, MilkBaking
    Blumblum SwigwaterAlcoholBrewing


    Notable NPCs

    • Azureake
    • Bungre Crawcrusher
    • Cedrick
    • Chief Kalan
    • Darting Shark
    • Feeder Shark
    • Gnashing Killer Shark
    • High Priest Margle
    • Kelorek`Dar
    • Qarrgy Scallopgobbler
    • Tiknonmanin
    • Yoppa Greenthumb
    • Yvolcarn

    Notable Items

    • Bioluminescent Orb
    • Cloak of Crystalline Waters
    • Kelorek`Dar Spine Razor
    • Crustacean Shell Armor
    • Lodizal Shell Shield
    • Othmir Chieftain Spear
    • Sea Dragon Meat
    • Sea Dragon Scales
    • Typhoon, Sword of the Tidalwave
    • Water Dragon Meat

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