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    Day/Night Cycle

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    Environments cycle between day and night, often with effects on other aspects of the game.

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    Day/Night Cycles are when, in game, the time of day will change, often from day to night. Usually there are gameplay consequences of this as well. For example, in the Pokemon games you catch different Pokemon depending on what time of day it is. However, sometimes Day/Night Cycles have a somewhat lesser effect, like reduced vision range due to lighting. In the Mario Party series (Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 6), the Day/Night Cycle appeared in the Horror Land board (Mario Party 2) and with Brighton and Twila as the hosts of all the boards (Mario Party 6). Mario Party 6 also used this concept to affect the characters, shops, spaces, and minigames during the match and the title screen used this concept to show what's in store in the game.


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