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Pirates of Iceclad
Pirates of Iceclad

Iceclad Ocean is the southern most ocean in Norrath. The gnomes have built a ship they call the Icebreaker, which slices through the icebergs on its way from the Northern Desert of Ro to the Icy Fingers of Velious. Where the Icebreaker docks is home to a band of wily gnomish pirates that offer the most essential supplies, at a high price, for adventurers heading into the lost continent. These pirates were the first to rediscover the frozen lands, a millenia after the dwarves arrived. Their captain, Nalot, had originally sailed south from Butcherblock Mountains with his band of pirates on a quest to rule the seas of Norrath. After sinking several other ships and claiming their treasures for himself, Nalot stumbled upon the impassable ice of Iceclad Ocean. He then docked his ship in Freeport, sold nearly all of his treasures to the underground market, then returned to Ak'anon and set to work on creating the Icebreaker.

To the Eastern Wastes
To the Eastern Wastes

Travelling southwest to the second of the Icy Fingers, one will find a small forest of pine trees that inexplicably flourish in these harsh conditions. Beyond the trees, and easily seen from miles away, is the intimidating Tower of Frozen Shadow. Only those with the utmost patience and sharpest of minds should dare attempt to enter the tower. Not far from the forest is the first of the available dragon portals found in Velious. Collecting a shard from within the portal will grant any adventurer the ability to be teleported to this location by friendly wizards and/or druids. Along the shores of the second finger are bands of Snowfang gnolls that are generally friendly to passers by. Occasionally, a legendary turtle known as Lodizal will roam onto the shore. The third of the Icy Fingers is the largest and features an enormous stone monolith in the shape of a dragon skull known as the Gretespaign (Great Span) that allows travelers to cross to whole of Velious.

Neighboring Zones


  • Kromrif
  • Kromzek
  • Pirates of Iceclad
  • Snowfang Gnolls

Commerce & Tradeskills

ShopsGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Adinel JailbarTinkering
Sojan the SleeplessFood, Water
Xorbinasticalus ZimralicusSpells


Notable NPCs

  • Avatar of Below
  • Balix Misteyes
  • Captain Nalot
  • Ergrez Shortpaw
  • Fazzle Thumpkin
  • Garou
  • Giligatabbus Igglebix
  • Gnomish Pirate
  • Grizlin Bloodfang
  • Icebreaker
  • Joshel the Large
  • Lodizal
  • Midnight
  • Polar Kraken
  • Soulbinder Cubnitskin
  • Stormfeather

Notable Items

  • Belt of the Great Turtle
  • Club of the Ice Ocean
  • Cougar Claw Earring
  • Fang of the Garou
  • Frozen Mantle
  • Garou Bone Club
  • Gnomish Pirate Cloak
  • Gnomish Pirate Hat
  • Gnomish Pirate Rapier
  • Knotted Turtlebone Ring
  • Lodizal Shell Boots
  • Ring of Frost
  • Section of Lodizal's Shell
  • Skin of the Garou
  • Stormfeather Talons
  • Torque of Hoar Frost
  • Wolves Eye Necklace

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