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    Wolves are mammals closely related to dogs and are known for howling in moonlit forests and hunting in packs to pester players in numerous RPG games.

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    The wolf is a common RPG enemy and gaming figure, usually hunting in packs and harassing players with their powerful jaws and bulking figure. They come in numerous sizes, although the most popular has to be the large, atypical Grey Wolf, and can be found in terrain ranging from alpine tundra to forest valleys. On occasion, the wolf can be morphed in game into something more demonic or its' image used in regard to creatures such as the werewolf. Whatever their depiction, wolves capture the sense of perfection and brutality in one canine package.

    Metal Gear Solid

    Solid Snake describes himself as a musher, having resided in Alaska for some time. But upon meeting Sniper Wolf, it is apparent that the wolves in the area don't take too kindly to Snake. But they treat Sniper Wolf as if she were the pack-leader. When Snake defeats Sniper Wolf, and she dies due to her wounds, the wolves carry her away, as if she were truly one of them.


    Wolves are featured frequently in the early MMORPG Everquest. During the original 1999 tutorial the final "boss" is a wolf that the player must kill to complete the initiation to the game. One of the more important spells in the game is Spirit of Wolf which allows increased movement speed to the player and is granted by Druids. Druids are hounded by players wanting the buff resulting in a small in game meme, pointing out the harassment. A common expression of the meme is to ask a druid for the buff when the player already has it and to type the request in capital letters with spelling errors. The number of classes that can cast SoW as its abbreviated has since increased to to four total, Rangers, Shaman, and Beastlords. Wolves are also found throughout Norrath and players can kill them for experience and crafting components.


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