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Monsters that are not classic RPG staples

These are monsters that just didn't make the cut

List items

  • Generic Large dudes. These aren't in a lot of RPGs because they have trouble dealing with scale.

  • Here is your sword, fight these.

  • Depending on the amount of magic in your setting, you will probably run into these skinny foes.


  • Slow, rotting, bruisers.

  • Smarter than zombies, less decayed too.

  • You've been bit by, you've been bit by a smooth criminal.

  • If not one of the specifics, most RPGs have undead in general.

  • A good enemy to match up with humans. Stronger and more brutish than humans, but not completely stupid.

  • Bears, especially the dire sort, will usually mess you up.

  • Shorma Gorath is not a cyclops. Worst. Image. Ever. These monsters are a staple of the Dragon Quest series.

  • Female magic users.

  • Male Magic users.

  • Evil male magic users.

  • All magic users.

  • Burning legion, devils, whatever you call them, fiery creatures from hell usually put up a tough fight.

  • Remember Mummies Alive?

  • Mummies Alive was awesome.

  • Oh shit, it's a ghost!

  • Warcraft 2 had the best characterization of Ogres. Really big brutes that are a bit low on the intelligence scale.

  • You mess with the bull you get the horns. Also you might end up in a labyrinth. With David Bowie.

  • Lycanthropes are tough, feral creatures, sometimes they are just as smart as humans.

  • Feral hyena people. These are bad ass Werewolves that are always hairy.

  • Do not feed.

  • All types of slimey enemies are a challenge.

  • The living embodiment of the elements.

  • Be they giant or small you will probably run into these wall crawlers. They will probably not crawl on a wall. Shout out to <A href="">wandrecanada</A> for the reminder

  • See above, two less legs but twice as hard working as the arachnids.

  • At some point a brilliant person asked, "what if this lion had a serpent's head, and it could like poison you while it's mauling you?" That person died in an unrelated mauling/poison, but he did bring us the awesomeness that is the Chimera. Basic idea: take animals and put them together. It's all on <A href="">lennylar987</A> for this one!

  • Gettin' all D&D up in this piece! I approve! This beast is a giant floating face with one eye and a bunch of eye stalks. As if that wasn't bad enough he shoots different beams out of ALL of his eyes. Dead adventurers are in the eyes of the beholder. Thanks to <A href="">NoXious</A> for the suggestion.

  • Mind Flayers! Picture a mind, then flay that shit! These powerful telepathic creatures use their psionic abilities to shatter the minds of their foes, at which point they suck out and eat their brains! Toasty!

  • You will get bit, it will suck. <A href="">Ace829</A> was all about informing us about snakes. <A href="">Pic Related: Awesome snakes</A>

  • Half bird, half lady, all harpy. Kratos doesn't have much problem with these dudes, but you might. <A href="">ApolloBob</A> reminded me that these give you claws for alarm.

  • <- Not this kind, the kind who waylays unsuspecting villagers and adventures asking them the most important question. "Your gp or your hp?" Let's all give big ups to <A href="">Dr_Feelgood38</A> for reminding me of this and the following 2 list members.

  • I already added the were version, but you should never forget that even a normal wolf can ruin your day. Big, hairy, toothed and always hunting in packs, one wolf certainly means several are present and a good fight is on the horizon.

  • Sometimes they're rad, although even when they are, they aren't. Getting stung usually means damage over time poison and the larger ones can really put a damper on a quest. <A href="">Zippedbinders</A> let me know the score on scorpions.

  • I have completely neglected our sea faring friends. Giant Squid, Octopi and even Jellyfish will often harry a hero and his party. Of course a dude with the handle <A href="">ReefTrigger</A> would remind me about the sea. (Sorry for the handle profiling)

  • The only page on this list that is a character not a concept. Kraken's are basically giant giant squids that will eff up your ess. Another <A href="">ReefTrigger</A> joint.

  • Among these undead immortal generators of necromantic energy, there's a common saying: life's a lich, then you never die. Thank <A href="">heavyplay</A> for this high level creature, but the bad joke is all me baby!

  • Cut off one head, another two grow in its place. Solution: do not use a weapon with a blade. These serpent headed creatures finish many an adventurer before they figure out the trick. <A href="">liquidben</A> knows how to take down a hydra, you add it to this list!

  • Gorgon is the general term for these serpentine ladies. One look and you'll be turned to stone. Unless you happen to be Kratos. <A href="">NoXious</A> let me know to shine up my shield before encountering these.

  • Another petrifying enemy, these lizards will turn you to stone with a single glance. Better bring a Soft. Another <A href="">NoXious</A> joint.

  • If you play a rouge-like game, be sure not to touch these corpses without gloves on, as you will be turned to stone. And being turned to stone is instant death. <A href="">NoXious</A> knows what's up with these lizard birds.

  • Apparently some games including WoW, Ultima and Everquest think that these creatures, based off the noble, slow to action Ents in Lord of the rings would be more interesting if they were trying to kill you. They are wrong. <A href="">BrokenCage</A> is one messenger I will not shoot.