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    The skeleton is the framework of the human body.

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    The average human skeleton is composed of around 206 bones. It gives protection to the internal organs and support to muscles. The bones meet at joints, which gives the skeleton points of movement. Some parts of the skeleton are also made of ligaments or cartilage which makes them more flexible. Long bones such as the bones of the arms and legs contain a core of marrow, a fatty tissue which is a producer of red blood cells.

    Skeletons in Games

    Depending on the type of video game, skeletons can serve wildly different purposes. In action games, the presence of bones can serve as a visual reminder of the horrors of war. In an adventure or mystery game, skeletons may be used as a warning of the deadly hazards ahead. Fantasy and role-playing games often make the most dramatic use of skeletons: in those games, the skeleton appears as a form of undead. Undead skeletons are usually mindless automatons, ruthlessly attacking the player on sight until they are smashed to bits. These undead skeletons are the reanimated corpses of the dead, given the ability to walk again by a necromancer or other wizard. Some games might specify what types of weapons are best for defeating skeletons: in those cases, blunt weapons are usually most effective, while slashing or piercing weapons and projectiles like arrows and bullets are least effective. Undead skeletons may also be weak against fire, and may also be dispelled by another magic user.


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