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    Charasis, commonly referred to as The Howling Stones, is a ruined Iksar city found in the canyons of The Overthere.

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    Charasis, also known as Howling Stones, lies beneath The Overthere, deep within the massive canyon that can be found in the center of the plains. The city was built not long after the shissar were eradicated from the planet. It was the home of the strongest and most powerful tribe of Iksar, the Kunzar, and was the birthplace of Venril Sathir. It is here where he learned and perfected the arts of necromancy. Before becoming the lich king of Karnor's Castle, Sathir was the greatest emperor in the empire's history. He was able to unite the Iksar tribes, through war, for the betterment of their race. While he ruled from glorious capital city of Sebilis, it is said that he kept his most prized possessions locked away in his original home, Charasis. After the death of his wife, Drusella, Venril Sathir had the beautiful city evacuated, save for a handful of royal guards that would serve to protect his wife's crypt for eternity. The emperor sealed the city shut so that only he could visit it. After the fall of the Iksar Empire, sarnaks discovered the ruins and even a means to get inside. Their greed for rare treasures was met with a series of mind-bending hallways lined with powerful undead who had been undisturbed for centuries. Not long after Norrathians discovered the ruins of Kunark, a means of obtaining a key to Charasis was discovered. Many met the same unfortunate fate of the sarnaks, but some returned to Firiona Vie carrying relics of immense power. Those who intend to use the outpost in The Overthere as a base of operations in Kunark should steer clear of Charasis, for slaying the creatures within the ruined city will negatively affect one's faction standing with the guardians of the outpost.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Drusella Sathir
    • Legion of Cabilis
    • Swift Tails
    • Venril Sathir


    Notable NPCs

    • The Crypt Devourer
    • The Crypt Excavator
    • The Crypt Feaster
    • Crypt Guardian
    • The Crypt Keeper
    • The Crypt Spectre
    • The Crypt Wurm
    • Drusella Sathir
    • Embalming Fluid
    • Gandan Tailfist
    • The Golem Master
    • Hexbone Spectre
    • Mortiferous Golem
    • Pyre Golem
    • Sepulcher Spectre
    • Sentient Bile
    • Skeletal Procurator
    • The Skeletal Sepulcher
    • The Spectre Sepulcher
    • The Spectre Spiritualist
    • The Undertaker Lord

    Notable Items

    • Acid Etched Girdle
    • Adamantite Armband
    • Adamantite Club
    • Battered Shield of Glory
    • Bile Drenched Jewel
    • Bizarre Ring of Devouring
    • Blood Point
    • Broken Sacrificial Blade
    • Burned Bone Bracelet
    • Burnished Helm of Contemplation
    • Dusty Rusted Shackles
    • Ebonwood Cudgel
    • Elder Spiritist's Boots
    • Elegant Mask of Light
    • Enshrouding Veil
    • Fayguard Parrying Dagger
    • Fingerbone Hoop
    • Gem Inlaid Band
    • Ghastly Shawl of Pain
    • Ghostly Collar of Health
    • Glob of Gooey Goo
    • Glossy Cloak of the Master
    • Gloves of True Darkness
    • Golden Bracer
    • Gravebinder
    • Guardians Mace
    • Hand of the Reaper
    • Helot Skull Helm
    • Jagged Long Sword
    • Kylong Armguards
    • Kylong Boots
    • Kylong Chestplate
    • Kylong Gauntlets
    • Kylong Greaves
    • Kylong War Helm
    • Kylong Wrist Guards
    • Mask of Fright
    • Mask of Obtenebration
    • Mask of Wurms
    • Melodious Truncheon
    • Meshed Mail of Audacity
    • Mucilaginous Girdle
    • Necklace of Superiority
    • Obtenebrate Short Sword
    • Rapier of Oriin
    • Rod of Oblations
    • Rotbone Bracelet
    • Rotbone Sleeves
    • Runed Morning Star
    • Sarnak Hide Girdle
    • Sash of the Dragonborn
    • Scorpikis Claw Impaler
    • Sigil of the Calendar
    • Siren Scale Robe
    • The Skull of Rile
    • Splended Copper Stud
    • Steel Hilted Flint Dagger
    • Stein of Tears
    • Tarnished Gold Plate Vambraces
    • Vile Long Sword of Krissuz
    • Wild Lord's Gauntlets
    • Wrapped Leggings of the Berserker

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