God damn things that are more cliche than a god damn bugbear

What on earth is a bugbear? I have no idea. But it's been in six games. These things are in more than six games:

List items

  • These things kind of don't have flesh and also sometimes try to murder you. How many games have these? More than games that have bugbears, that's for sure.

  • These man horse dudes have tried to kill my face in a lot of video games. Unlike bugbears.

  • Sometimes I kill these things in RPGs. I've killed them in more RPGs than I've killed bugbears. I hate bugbears. What are bugbears? I don't know.

  • These guys kind of look like bugbears but they're in more video games.

  • How did this get in my list? Get out of here, helicopter! GET OUT!