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Goonies have very small bodies, being defined mainly by their large wings. They have elliptical beaks much in the fashion of ravens, another of Yoshi's enemies. Both the appearance and name of the Goonie appears to be based off of the albatross, which is nicknamed the goonie. 


Goonies typically fly in a predictable fashion, paying no attention to their environments. They therefore are very unthreatening to Yoshi, despite occasionally getting in the way due to sheer numbers. This behavior makes them good stepping stones for Yoshi, as they are not defeated by being stomped on. A notable exception to this behavior is in Yoshi's Story, where Goonies often carry bombs that they drop when Yoshi gets near. Yoshi's Story also saw the addition of a distinctive cry to Goonies, which can be likened to that of a seagull. 


 Flightless Goonie

Flightless Goonies are Goonies without wings. They run along the ground at a very fast pace, typically in groups of five or more. These Goonies typically appear in places where their speed may catch the player off-guard, and therefore lead to Yoshi being hit. A Goonie will become a Flightless Goonie if eaten and spat out by Yoshi. 

Very Goonie

Very Goonies are fat Goonies with a greatly hindered flight ability. These Goonies will fly forward in short bursts, always landing very quickly after their takeoff. Very Goonies cannot be defeated by a normal jump, but can be defeated by a ground pound. If eaten and spat out, they will become Bowling Goonies. 

Bowling Goonie

Bowling Goonies are Very Goonies that lack wings. They lack their own means of locomotion, and therefore they simply roll forward based on the slope of the terrain. Like Very Goonies, they must be defeated with a ground pound. Unlike Very Goonies, however, they cannot be eaten by Yoshi. A Very Goonie will become a Bowling Goonie if it is eaten and spat out. 

Skeleton Goonie

Skeleton Goonies are much like normal Goonies, but as the name implies, they are skeletal in structure. Unlike normal Goonies, however, they cannot be ridden by Yoshi. If stomped on or eaten and spat out, they will become Flightless Skeleton Goonies. 

Flightless Skeleton Goonie

Flightless Skeleton Goonies behave in the same way as their counterparts, the Flightless Goonies. They are very quick, but easily defeated. A Skeleton Goonie will become a Flightless Skeleton Goonie if stomped on or eaten and spat out.  

Grey Goonie

Behaving very similarly to normal Goonies, Grey Goonies tend to appear in coastal regions as opposed to the mountainous regions populated by normal Goonies. 

Additional Appearances

Outside of standard Yoshi platformers, Goonies have made numerous appearances in Nintendo games, including... 

Tetris Attack

A Goonie allied with Lakitu as an opponent for Yoshi.  

Paper Mario

A single Goonie appears in Paper Mario. While Mario rides the whale to and from Lavalava Island, a single Goonie circles overhead. This is notable for being the only three-dimensional Goonie that has been seen.

Game & Watch Gallery 3

Goonies appear in the modern variant of the Turtle Bridge minigame. They act as stepping stones, much in the way that turtles did in the game's original version.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Goonies fly overhead in the course Cheep-Cheep Island. 

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Goonies sometimes fly out of Bowser's Castle when Bowser attacks. 

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Goonies fly in the background of the Yoshi's Island stage. They have no effect on players.

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