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    Scorpions are an eight-legged arachnids with two large pincers and a venomous stinger on the tail, used to kill or subdue prey and defend against aggressors. Though their sting can be very painful to humans, few scorpion species can kill a healthy adult.

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    Scorpions most notably appear in video games as enemies, particularly in fantasy RPGs where giant variations of them often appear, usually having the ability to poison the player. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword also features a giant scorpion-like boss. There are exceptions to this rule though; In Saiyuki: Journey West the character Lady Tessen has the ability to turn into a scorpion monster and in League of Legends, Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard is a member of the league who exists in the shape of a scorpion.

    Scorpions have also appeared as catchable animals in games with the fourth generation Pokémon Skorupi, Drapion and Gliscor being inspired by scorpions and scorpions being a rare bug which appears from July to September in the Animal Crossing games. Just Cause 2 does not involve actual scorpions (or gun scorpions, unfortunately,) but uses scorpion imagery; the main character Rico Rodriguez is nicknamed Scorpion or Scorpio, and the damage meter is shaped like a scorpion.


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