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    The Field of Bone

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    The Field of Bone appears to be a desert, but the ground is not made of sand. It is literally the bones of fallen Iksar and slain dragons.

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    The Field of Bone
    The Field of Bone

    Field of Bone is likely the most popular region for Iksar broodlings to begin their adventures. Upon exiting the gates of East Cabilis, the marshy grasslands quickly fade into the expansive wasteland known as the Field of Bone. Commonly mistaken for a desert, the lifeless fields are exactly what the Iksar say they are; fields of bone. The region gets its name from the great battles held here between the Ring of Scale and the Iksar Empire centuries ago. The most notable fossil in the area is that of Jaled'Dar who was slain by Emperor Ganak in one of the largest battles ever seen in Norrath's history. To this day, undead haunt the fields day and night, becoming fodder for young Iksar who seek to grow stronger. Near the ocean to the north is an enormous structure known as Kurn's Tower where the enemies of the Iksar were taken for imprisonment and torture in the days of old. The tower appears to be ready to topple over at the next great gust of wind from the Timorous Deep. To the east is the murky Emerald Jungle, Warsliks Wood spills into the area to the northwest, and in the southern part of the Field of Bone are the ruins of a once great citadel known as Kaesora. A few adventurers at the outpost of The Overthere tell horror stories of a powerful sarnak vampire lord wreaking havoc from the depths of its ruins. On a small island off the shores of the Field of Bone resides an ancient gorilla known as The Tangrin. He is the last of the Malkara tribe of apes that once ruled the nearby Emerald Jungle. The Tangrin has witnessed the coming and going of Iksar, dragon, and shissar empires, and probably knows more of Kunark's history than any living being on the continent. He does not tolerate any visitors to his island, but several enchanters have challenged themselves to tame the beast.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Burynai Legion
    • Cabilis Residents
    • Crusaders of Greenmist
    • The Forsaken
    • Legion of Cabilis
    • Scaled Mystics
    • Swift Tails

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Cabilis OutpostFood, Water, Cloth Armor, Bags, WeaponsFishing


    Notable NPCs

    • Carrion Queen
    • Commander Koth
    • Gharg Oberbord
    • Kerosh Blackhand
    • Scourgetail Scorpion
    • The Tangrin

    Notable Items

    • Blockcutter Gloves
    • Burynaibane Spider Fang
    • Carrion Beetle Leggings
    • Carrion Queen Liver
    • Iksar Bandit Mask
    • Polished Stone Anklet
    • Scourgetail Bracer
    • Scourgetail Whip

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