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    Emerald Jungle

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    The Emerald Jungle spans across much of eastern Kunark and hides many secrets of the fallen Iksar Empire.

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    Emerald Jungle
    Emerald Jungle

    Emerald Jungle is teaming with vicious creatures both natural and unnatural. The foggy marshes are infested with undead legions that emanate from the ruins of the once great city of Torsis, now known as The City of Mist. The city itself has been all but devoured by the jungle, but can be found not far from the center of the region. Both druids and wizards have learned the ability to teleport to Emerald Jungle, giving themselves and their friends relatively quick access to Trakanon's Teeth and Sebilis to the south. Many unwary hatchlings from the Field of Bone wander into the jungle from the west, only to be met with a bloody demise at the hands of Severilous. Severilous is said to be one of the oldest members of the Ring of Scale. Many believe he has left the confines of Veeshan's Peak in search of Trakanon, with whom he wishes to discuss the threat of the rising new Iksar empire. Severilous is a shaman and is often followed by his trusty wolf pet. His green dragon scales are considered to be quite rare by warriors attempting to gather each color for their epic quests, which makes Severilous one of the most battle hardened dragons in all of Norrath. These constant interruptions have kept him from completing his task of finding Trakanon and ultimately putting and end to the growing Iksar threat.

    Neighboring Zones


    • The Forsaken
    • Ring of Scale


    Notable NPCs

    • Corrupted Gorilla
    • Disease-Ridden Gorilla
    • Scout Vyrak
    • Severilous
    • The Spirit of Rage
    • Tainted Gorilla

    Notable Items

    • Blight, Hammer of the Scourge
    • Chipped Onyx Sphere
    • Cloak of Flames
    • Cloak of Whispers
    • Creeping Vine Necklace
    • Dragon Bone Bracelet
    • Dragon Bone Shard
    • Dragon Hero Bracer
    • Gauntlets of Fiery Might
    • Gold Plated Koshigatana
    • Green Dragon Scales
    • Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch
    • McVaxius` Horn of War
    • Mud-Splattered Mask
    • Orb of Tishan
    • Runed Bolster Belt
    • Selo's Drums of the March
    • Shield of the Green Dragon
    • Torn, burnt book
    • Treasure Hunter`s Satchel

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