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    In games they're often described as being masters of the dark arts. Basically, wizards gone bad.

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    A  Warlock is a cunning and powerful spellcaster, usually meddling in the more sinister sides of magic.
        Warlocks are widely regarded as being the opposite of wizards.
    Whereas most wizards uses magic for the good of mankind (or any kind of kind), the warlocks deem magic as nothing but a gateway to personal glory.
        They care for little, save wealth and power.
    When a mage or wizard uses his power to do evil and wage war, he has become a warlock.
        Not all warlocks are evil-minded, but most wishes to be left alone, so that they may conduct their magical experiments in peace.
    Because of this, they usually resides in remote towers where potential troublemakers cannot reach them.
        Warlocks are quite fond of enchanting and summoning magic, and will often summon demons or familiars to do their bidding.

    Some common Warlock traits:

    • Flamboyant and/or Decadent behaviour.
    • Summons otherworldly beings to their aid.
    • Are greedy and ambitious.
    • Wears either enchanted armor or dark-colored robes.
    • Lives in tall towers or underground.

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