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Spells and Abilities

 Bronjahm has seven abilities, three of them heroic only. 
Magic's Bane (Heroic)  
He makes a whirlwind-like slash, causing 2500 damage to each target plus an additional damage based on 50% of the targets mana. 
This damage cannot exceed 15 000 damage.   
Corrupt Soul 
This will corrupt a targets soul, causing a 4 second debuff on said target. When the debuff runs out, a Corrupted Soul Fragment will spawn. 
Consume Soul (Heroic) 
If the Corrupted Soul Fragment reaches Bronjahm, he will absorb it and heal 120 000 health. 
Shadow Bolt (Heroic) 
He will cast a 1 second Shadow Bolt at a target. He will only cast this in Phase 1 if the tank is out of range. 
He teleports to the center of the room, in preparation of Soulstorm. He does this at 30% health. 
Soulstorm hurts anyone that is 10 yards or further away from the boss during this face. He casts this at 30% health and it lasts for 10 minutes. It causes 1000 damage per second on Normal and 2500 damage per second on Heroic.  It also decreases movement speed by 50%. 
He fears an enemy for 3 seconds. He only does this during Soulstorm. 


 Normal loot: 
bronjahm normal loot
bronjahm normal loot
Heroic loot:  

References to James Brown

Bronjahm has several references to musician James Brown, such as: 
  • His sounds whilst attacking and being attacked are typical shouts and grunts that were used by James Brown.
  • Loot items are a reference to James Browns song, such as a necklace dropped is named Love's Prisoner is a reference to the song Prisoner of Love.
  • His title is "Godfather of Souls", which is a reference to James Brown's title "Godfather of Soul".

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