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Upon reaching the border to the Malevolands, Drew Blanc his partner Flux Wildly run into a wolf known as Big Bad; B. B. to his friends. 
The conversation with the smooth-talking wolf (voiced by Jim Cummings) proceeds as one might expect: the pleasantries with sinister overtones soon turns into overt threats on Blanc and Flux's lives as B. B. demands that they find him a bottle of classy wine before he will let them pass into the Malevolands proper. 
Returning with a cheap substitute wine, won from Finger's arcade back in Cutopia, B. B. proceeds to test the "Chibli" in a pompous manner, only to snap his fingers to summon several more wolves to kidnap Blanc and Flux.  
Blanc and Flux awake to find themselves in a pot of water that is gradually heating up with B. B. to their right, sharpening a very intimidating knife. The duo soon escape, rolling the cauldron off the fire on proceeding to bowl over all of the wolves who had intended to eat them for dinner, and finally landing on top of B. B.

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