Future Classics: 1986 Edition

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    Seven games remade as if they were released in 1986, based on just their titles alone.

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    All of the mini-games are based on popular franchises, but are completely different from the franchises themselves, as they are based solely on the series' names:

    1. Watch Dog: A platformer where the player controls a dog ("Rover") who attempts to leap on moving watch platforms.
    2. Dead Rising: Players twirl the directionals to move their character between columns of quick-rising ghosts.
    3. Transformers: Energy transformers float across the screen, and players must match their polarity to score points.
    4. Kill Zone: A Snake-like game where there are other enemy snakes to compete with.
    5. Need for Speed: A ludicrously fast car driving game. Players score by driving at top speed and not crashing.
    6. Sky Lander: A helicopter levels buildings so that it has a place to land.
    7. Battle Field: Some sort of golf/soccer hybrid. Players face an opponent and kick a ball into a hole to score.

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