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    Duck Hunt Dog

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    The player's canine hunting companion (and erstwhile source of mockery) in Duck Hunt.

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    The Duck Hunt Dog is the player's hunting dog in the game Duck Hunt. At the beginning of each round, the dog will sniff for the scent of ducks until he catches a whiff and jumps behind tall grass to chase the fowl out into the open for the player to shoot. When the player successfully shoots down a duck, the dog will rise out of the grass holding the downed bird as a sign of success.

    However, if the player fails to shoot a duck before it flies away, the dog will rise up and taunt the player with a fit of derisive laughter. The dog also laughs when the player fails to shoot enough ducks to clear the round, resulting in a Game Over. In the NES version of the game, it isn't possible to retaliate against the dog's laughter, as he cannot be shot using the Zapper Light Gun. However, the arcade version of the game, Vs. Duck Hunt, does allow the player to shoot the dog.

    Super Smash Bros.

    The dog teams up with a duck as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Together the dog and duck are collectively referred to as Duck Hunt within the game, and Duck Hunt Duo for its European version.


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