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    Tetris DS

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 20, 2006

    Tetris DS is the classic game everybody knows and loves with a face lift and a makeover.

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    Tetris DS is a puzzle game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld system. Originally announced by THQ, it was later canned which led Nintendo to adopt the title and release it in March of 2006. Tetris DS supports 2 or 4 players online via Nintendo Wi-Fi or 10 players locally. Along with several new modes of play, Tetris DS features several unique and eye-appealing themes from past Nintendo titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Bros. Items are also a new introduction to the Tetris series.


    Tetris DS features several gameplay modes which provide you with a classic Tetris experience with new ways to play.
    Tetris DS Standard Mode

    The standard mode in Tetris DS consists of the commonly known Tetris game in which lines have to be formed by the placement of tetrinomes. As a visual addition, as the player goes up levels through clearing lines (10 lines per level) various backdrops consisting of NES games appear with accompanied music. There are 20 levels in a standard game, yet once standard mode has been completed, an endless standard mode marathon is avaliable to the player. As the levels progress the speed at which the pieces drop increase. Eventually reaching level 20 will place the game's gravity into 20G (commonly known as instant drop). The standard mode adhears to the guideline set by The Tetris Company, making Tetris DS an "Authentic Tetris Game". Controversally, Nintendo decided to place infinite spin within standard modes which allows the player to spin the piece infinitly allowing them time to think. This is looked down upon by the general tetris community as infinite spinning reduces the difficulty by a high amount in Tetris.
    Mission Mode

    In this mode you are tasked with objectives like "Clear 2 lines using [square block]". If you complete the objective, the bottom 4 lines are erased. You are being timed however, so if you fail you receive additional lines. The timer is a row of hearts in a Legend of Zelda style.
    Push Mode

    This mode is a sort of tug-o-war using tetriminoes with an accompanying Donkey Kong theme. If you clear 2 or more lines, a dotted line is pushed closer to your opponents danger zone. Once this line reaches a danger zone, it's game over. You can play competitively against a human opponent of CPU with varying difficulties ranging from 1 to 5.
    Catch Mode

    You start with one block and must catch falling tetriminoes. You can rotate your chunk in order to fit the tetriminoes better, but you cannot rotate the tetriminoes themselves. The theme is Metroid and Metroids will attack by falling straight down. If you are hit by one, or a tetrimino falls to the bottom of the screen, your health bar will be reduced. Game Over occurs when your health reaches zero.
    Touch Mode

    A tower of tetriminoes appears and you must slide and rotate them to clear lines. Your goal is to allow a cage of balloons at the top to touch the bottom so that the balloons can be free. There are five difficulties and on the fourth and fifth you cannot rotate the tetriminoes. Since the height of the tower is predetermined, the goal is largely to create chains and beat your score before the balloons touch the bottom.
    Puzzle Mode

    Lines with gaps are already present on the screen. With the blocks provided on the bottom screen, you must insert them in the proper order and orientation in order to clear all the lines without any blocks remaining on screen. You have a limited amount of blocks but there are still sometimes more than one solution.

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