Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Nov 28, 2008

    Puzzle game based on gravity and physics presented by Professor Heinz Wolff.

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    In Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity, players must use given objects to build constructs that will allow a ball or cart to go from its starting location to hit a switch elsewhere. Occasionally, levels switch this goal up by having players figure out a way to hit the switch through some other means.  

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    Professor Heinz Wolff is a respected scientist and was once Head of the European manned Space Commission. He was also an honorary chairman of the Microgravity Advisory Committee with the European Space Agency. 

    Party Mode 

    There are three physics-based minigames playable from the Party Mode menu (for the Nintendo DS). 
    Tallest Tower  
    Your goal in Tallest Tower is to create the tallest structure possible with the pieces given to you and within a set time limit. When the time limit runs out, an earthquake happens, and the final measured height of your tower will be after the quake is over and whatever is left standing.
    Up and Down 
    In this one, you control a cannon on the side of the touchscreen. You can change its trajectory. On the right side of the screen are different baskets, each with their own set of points printed on them. Fire cannonballs into the baskets for points and earn as much as you can before time runs out.
    Clear the Decks
    Just like in Up and Down, players control a cannon in this minigame. On the right of the screen, behind a protective wall, are colored bricks. Hit the colored bricks with a cannonball of the same color to clear them. Players must try to clear as many bricks as possible. If you miss three times, an extra block of bricks will appear.

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