Felix the Cat

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1993

    Felix the Cat! The wonderful, wonderful cat! Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks!

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    Felix the Cat is a platformer developed and published by Hudson Entertainment for the NES and Game Boy platforms.


    The story in Felix the Cat is a simple one. Felix enemy known as The Professor has kidnapped Felix girlfriend Kitty to try and steal the magic bag. Felix must set out to defeat The Professor and rescue Kitty.


    Felix the Cat is a platforming game in which the far right of the level must be reached or a boss must be defeated to move on.


    • D-Pad - The D-Pad is used to control Felix and move him either left or right. Pressing down on the D-pad on hidden magic bags will allow felix to go inside.
    • A Button - The A button is used to either jump, fly, or swim (depending on the situation).
    • B Button - The B button is used to use Felix magic attack. The attack will differ depending on which magic Felix is currently using.
    • Start Button - The Start button is used to pause the game and then to un-pause.

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