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    Felix the Cat

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1992

    Felix the Cat! The wonderful, wonderful cat! Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks!

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    Felix the Cat is a side-scrolling platformer developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America and Europe in 1992. Both regions also received a handheld Game Boy port in 1993.

    Based on the 1950-60's cartoon series of the same name, Felix the Cat has players controlling the titular cartoon cat as he uses his incredible Magic Bag of Tricks to rescue his beloved Kitty from the clutches of The Professor and his minions.

    Although this is the only game to be based on the 1950-60's cartoon series, a younger version of Felix later appeared in two Europe-exclusive games based on the animated spin-off Baby Felix. The older Felix also appears in one of those games (Baby Felix Tennis) as the final boss.


    Felix the Cat plays like a traditional side-scrolling platformer, with the titular cat making his way rightward while dealing with enemies and navigating platforms while collecting Felix tokens for extra lives.

    The A Button is used for jumping, although certain levels causes him to fly or swim upward instead. The B Button is used for attacking, with different Magic Items using different attacks.

    Magic Items

    One unique aspect of the game is Felix using items from his Magic Bag as weapons, which is shown by Felix "transforming" between multiple forms (such as piloting a vehicle) as power-ups.

    Collecting 10 Felix tokens causes a Heart pickup to drop, and collecting it upgrades his Magic Item level to the next. If he is already at the maximum level, he gains an extra life instead. Although he normally has three Magic Item levels, some levels have less. This system also serves as a health system, as receiving damage when having a Magic Item instead demotes his Magic Item level.

    Over time, the Magic Item meter (shown as hearts) slowly depletes and, once empty, demotes his Magic Item level. The meter can be replenished by collecting three milk bottle pickups, which are dropped when collecting 5 Felix token, or by collecting a Heart pickup.

    Normal Levels

    Most levels have Felix running around and jumping over platforms.

    Ground Levels

    In his normal form, he walks around carrying his Magic Bag, attacking in close range with his extendable punching glove.

    1. He gains a tophat and cane and attacks by surround himself with damaging stars.
    2. He now drives a one-wheeled motorbike and attacks by honking his horn (as a forward projectile).
    3. He now drives a tank and attacks by firing his cannon in an arc.

    Water Levels

    In his normal form, he rows on a raft and attacks with an extendable punching glove.

    1. He now rides a dolphin and attacks by the dolphin spitting energy balls forward.

    Flying & Swimming Levels

    Some levels have Felix fluttering or swimming upward instead of jumping.

    Air Levels

    In his normal form, he carries an umbrella that allows him to glide, and pushes himself up by kicking his legs. He attacks by an extendable punching glove coming out of the Magic Bag.

    1. He now rides in his Magic Bag as a personal hot air balloon and attacks by throwing discs off the side.
    2. He now pilots an aircraft and attacks by firing a ball of energy from the front.

    Underwater Levels

    In his normal form, he swims with a snorkel and attacks with an extendable punching glove.

    1. He now rides a turtle and attacks by the turtle spitting bubbles in an arc.
    2. He now pilots a submarine (shaped like his head) and attacks by the submachine blowing wind gusts.

    Space Level

    World 8 is a unique auto-scrolling level similar to a shoot-'em-up, with Felix starting with his Magic Item: a spaceship that can shoot energy balls forward. Unlike the other levels, demoting down to his normal form causes him to plummet to his doom.


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