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Setsuka, well-equipped for inclement weather, and ninjas
Setsuka, well-equipped for inclement weather, and ninjas
An umbrella is generally any piece of water-resistant fabric or plastic stretched over an expandable wire frame that is attached to the top of a handle or stick. It is held over the carrier's own head to shield them from falling rain. A parasol is very similar to an umbrella, however the two are distinct, as parasols are usually constructed of more delicate fabric or paper, and are intended as a ladies' fashion accessory which also protects against harsh sunlight.

Umbrellas In Games

Umbrellas in games have seen numerous different uses. Rather than giving protection from rain, they are frequently used as weapons. They may be used to strike enemies like a club as in Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle; to push enemies out of the way with brute force, as in Dead Rising; or they may conceal a hidden blade, as in Soul Calibur 3. Some games feature umbrellas as a powerup which can slow a character's fall, like a parachute (observe Princess Peach in Super Smash Bros Brawl.) In the Resident Evil series, the umbrella lends its name to the fictional Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical company with many secret, nefarious projects.

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