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You're sitting in your 30th story office, Googling up porn on your computer instead of actually doing work. You hear a rumbling noise outside, and idly glance out the window in curiosity. You see for one second of sheer terror a giant sticky ball, rolling up buildings, and bowling alleys, and people alike. You witness it for a second, before the merciless sphere rolls up your building, and you, without a second thought. Welcome to the world of Me and My Katamari. Katamari is an absurd game, bu...

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Katamari but in the palm of your hands. 0

 In the world of Sony's PSP there exist two types of games.  The first being PS2 ports of games, and the second being totally new and original titles.  Me & My Katamari fits between both of those categories being both a brand new Katamari title and being very similar to its past PS2 titles. Like any Katamari title the game starts out with the King of All Cosmos doing something crazy.  In Me & My Katamari's case the King has taken the Royal family on vacation.  But since the King is so ma...

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Really not that bad. 0

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know about the game Katamari Damacy, the quirky little game where you roll a ball around and pick up stuff. Released late last year was the sequel to the game, We Love Katamari, which included more levels, more things to do, a different between-level system, and new gameplay styles. These games are all well and good, but are both released on the PS2, so they were not very portable. Namco solved this problem by releasing Me & My Katamari for the PSP...

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