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    We Love Katamari

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Jul 07, 2005

    We Love Katamari delivers more of the same gameplay and humor that made Katamari Damacy unique.

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    We Love Katamari is the sequel to Katamari Damacy, developed by Namco and released in 2005 for Playstation 2. Originally, Keita Takahashi had no desire to direct the game, however, after Namco stated their plans to work on it with or without his involvement, he decided he would direct the game 'for the fans'. To date, this is the last game in the Katamari Damacy series to have his involvement.


     Gameplay remains mostly the same in We Love Katamari.
     Gameplay remains mostly the same in We Love Katamari.
    The gameplay in We Love Katamari is the similar to the first game, the player steers a ball, known as katamari, around a three-dimensional world populated with many everyday objects. Rolling over smaller items causes them to stick to the katamari, increasing its size and allowing the player to collect larger objects. In this game however, the object is not to recreate any stars, but to fulfill different requests made by fans of the first game. This includes rolling up an illuminated Katamari of fireflies to help a homeless student study in the dark, or rolling up all the clouds in the sky in order to save a child's field trip from being ruined by rain.
    At the end of each successfully completed level, the Katamari becomes either star dust or a planet. The player has the option to try and beat the game at any point by using another Katamari in an un-timed outer-space level to roll up the planets and star dust they create in the game. If enough planets have been created, the player can roll the sun in their Katamari.

    There is also a multi-player component to the game, where two players simultaneously push the same Katamari.


    The soundtrack to We Love Katamari was released in Japan in 2005 and is similar in style to the original. Once again, sound director Yu Miyake was joined by a series of collaborators and guest artists.

    Track Listing

    We Love Katamari Original Soundtrack
    We Love Katamari Original Soundtrack
    Name: Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy
    Total length: 79:53

    1.  Akitaka Tohyama - "Introduction" (0:24)
    2. DOKAKA - "Katamari on the Rocks" (6:37)
    3. Asuka Sakai, Yu Miyake - "Overture II" (1:16)
    4. Shigeru Matsuzaki - "Katamari on the Swing" (4:40)
    5. ILLREME - "Kuru Kuru Rock" (5:10)
    6. Alisa - "Everlasting Love" (4:45)
    7. Kirinji - "Bluffing Spirit" (5:32)
    8. Yu Miyake - "Beautiful Star" (3:09)
    9. YOU - "Angel's Rain" (7:12)
    10. Katamari Robo - "Houston" (4:17)
    11. Kahimi Karie - "Blue Orb" (5:00)
    12. Yuusama - "Katamari Holiday" (5:37)
    13. Maki Nomiya - "Baby Universe" (5:06)
    14. Kenji Ninuma - "DISCO☆PRINCE " (7:01)
    15. Various sampled animals - "Scorching Savanna " (5:33)
    16. Katsuro Tajima - "The Royal Academy of Katamari" (3:36)
    17. Kitomu Miyaza - "King of King's Song" (4:42)
    18. NAMCO - "Bonus Track" (0:15)


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