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Even though the title does not mention it, the game is in fact part of the Budokai Tenkaichi series and have will the same basic gameplay features with slight variations.
 The characters life bar and ki levels are shown in the circle instead of a bar.
 The characters life bar and ki levels are shown in the circle instead of a bar.
The game's roster includes two exclusive characters which have been revealed as Super Saiya-jin 3 versions of Broly and Vegeta. The story mode is called "Dragon Battle Collection" and takes you through the whole Dragon Ball Z Saga from the arrival of Raditz through the Majin Buu Saga. You play as the villains and Z fighters, unlike in previous Dragon Ball Z games.

Confirmed Characters

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Android #16
Android #17
Android #18
Android #19
Android #20
Broly (SSJ, Legendary Super Saiyan)
Super Saiyan 3 Broly
Majin Buu
Kid Buu
Super Buu (Gotenks absorbed, Gohan absorbed)
Captain Ginyu
Cell (Imperfect, Semi-Perfect, Perfect, Super Perfect)
Frieza (1st Form, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, Final Form, 100% Final Form)
Future Trunks (SSJ, Ultra Super Saiyan)
Future Trunks with Sword (SSJ)
Kid Trunks (SSJ)
Gogeta (SSJ)
Kid Gohan
Teen Gohan (SSJ, SSJ2)
Gohan (SSJ, SSJ2)
Goku (SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3)
Goten (SSJ)
Gotenks (SSJ, SSJ3)
Vegeta with Scouter
Vegeta (SSJ, Ascended Super Saiyan, SSJ2)
Majin Vegeta (SSJ2)
Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta
Vegito (SSJ)

Mutliplayer Titles

Dragon Ball Raging Blast has a well realised multiplayer mode that features online play. There are many titles you can unlock by accomplishing certain tasks while battling in multiplayer.  
  • Astounding Power: Get an "A" rank.
  • Bomb Maniac: Get ten victories with the Explosive Wave.
  • Capricious Warrior: Win 100 battles in the Cell Games stage.
  • Counter Monster: Execute five counters in a battle.
  • Death Chaser: Vanish twenty times in battle.
  • Dirty Work: Take five Upwards Attacks in a battle.
  • Earth-Raised Namekian: Play ten matches in a row with Piccolo.
  • Earth-Raised Saiyan: Play ten matches in a row with Goku.
  • Elite Warrior: Get ten victories online.
  • Embarrassment Of The Clan: Lose ten Saiyan on Saiyan fights.
  • Energy Absorber: Win ten times by absorbing energy.
  • Fireworks Master: Execute five Upwards Attacks in a battle.
  • Flying Dragon: Execute two Air Combo in a battle.
  • Ginyu Force Member: Use each Ginyu Force character two times.
  • Ginyu Force Vice-Captain: Defeat all Ginyu Force characters except Captain Ginyu.
  • God of Gods: Win 100 battles on Supreme Kai's World
  • Golden Warrior: Get fifty victories with Super Saiyan characters.
  • Grim Reaper Of Justice: Win 100 battles with Gotenks.
  • Incomplete Power: Get a "G" rank.
  • Invincible Warrior: Get twenty victories without a loss.
  • Just a Bluff: Lose twenty times even though you transformed.
  • Legend Killer: Defeat Super Saiyan characters 100 times.
  • Legendary Warrior: Get 100 victories online.
  • Lightning God: Win fifty times with Plasma Aura.
  • Martial Arts Warrior: Execute thirty hits in a battle.
  • Nature Lover: Win in the Wasteland field without destroying anything.
  • Philanthropist: Use each transformation of all transforming characters.
  • Preliminary Qualifier: Get ten victories in the World Tournament stage.
  • Prince Of Cruelty: Execute five Knockdown Attacks in one match.
  • Proud Prince Of The Saiyans: Play ten matches in a row with Vegeta.
  • Red Ribbon Army: Defeat Goku with Android characters ten times.
  • Saiyan Killer: Defeat Saiyan characters 100 times.
  • Speediest In The Universe: Vanish thirty times in battle.
  • Strongest In The Other World: Win 50 battles with Angel Halo equipped.
  • Stubborn Bastard: Deflect five Super Attacks in one match.
  • Super Elite Warrior: Get 50 victories online.
  • The World's Strongest Warrior: Get 500 victories.
  • Total Amateur: Lose ten first round matches in the World Tournament.
  • Transforming Alien: Play as a transforming alien character ten times and win.
  • Turtle Practitioner: Get ten victories with the Kamehameha.
  • Ultimate Fighter: Win ten times using an Ultimate Attack.
  • Unknown Power: Get a "D" rank.
  • Warrior Of Light: Use Solar Flare ten times in a battle.
  • World Class Speed: Execute ten Vanishing in a battle.
  • Worthless Puppet: Lose thirty matches while playing an android character.
  • Wussy Warrior: Get ten victories by running out of time.    


Super Battle Trial

Super Battle Trial is a game mode that lets you take on challenges such as Time attacks and team attacks. Achieving first place in these events will unlock a "Dragon Ball Challenge'. After you obtain all seven  Dragon Balls you unlock  special items for ultimate customization that can only be acquired by getting all 7 dragon balls and wishing for them.
Super Battle Trail challenges consist of the following,  

  • Arcade- Challenge all 10 stages and compete for the highest score each battle has 180 seconds player with most health will win
  • Survival- Challenge 50 opponents one after the other. Time is unlimited a little health is restored after each character.
  • Time Attack- Defeat five opponents as quickly as possible. Time is 15 minutes and health does not restore
  • Score Attack- Fight against a single opponent to achieve a high score Time is five minutes health does not restore.
  • KO Attack- You are invincible destroy as many opponents as you can before time runs out. Time is three minutes unlimited health.
  • Extreme Battle- Fight opponents with increasing power levels. time is 3 minutes and health restores between each fight. Dragon ball challenge unlocked for every win.
  • Team Battle- Take on several pre-determined teams so achieve a high score. Unlimited time and health does not restore.
  • Dragon Ball Battle- fight a single opponent to earn a Dragon Ball. Time is three minutes and health does not restore.    

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