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Yamcha is one of the human Z warriors. He met Goku early during the first Dragon Ball saga. At first he was a villain but soon he became Goku's ally and Bulma's love interest. He fought alongside Goku and his friends several times and even got killed twice (once by a Saibaman and much later in the series by Majin Buu). Yamcha's signature moves are his wolf-fang-fist and his spirit ball which is a small solid ball of energy he can control to fly around and attack opponents with. He can also perform the Kamehameha wave attack like Goku and many other characters.

In the world of Dragon Ball he is known as both a skilled world-class martial artist and a pro baseball player.

Despite the fact that he is one of the most powerful human characters in the series, he gave up fighting after the Cell saga, and since then he only became a minor character in the series. He had two small cameos in Dragon Ball GT.


Yamcha's most defining features are the 2 scars on his face, a cross shaped one on his chin and a slash going over one of his eyes. He has black hair which style changes quite a lot throughout the series ranging from very long and wild to very short and neat. He wears a similar outfit to Goku while fighting.

Video Games

Yamcha is a playable character in most of the Dragon Ball Z fighting games. The most recent game he was made playable in was Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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