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Brad: Quick Look Start to Death Time

Pull'n a Brad
Pull'n a Brad

A list of Brad's longest, quickest, and everything in between, "Start to Death" times during official Giant bomb video game Quick Looks (only!).

"Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed between the start of the Quick Look, and Brad dying, regardless of the method.

Readers are reminded that, "it's tougher to play and talk at the same time, than you think."

Of course, this list is on-going and will likely change as Brad continues to do Quick Looks, but for now it should be comprehensive. To be fair, as well, there are a number of Quick Looks that Brad does not die in... but they are, of course, ignored.

Also, in the case of games with multiple Quick looks, the first Quick look, even if for a Demo, is the one that counts.


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This is the original Quick Look Start to Death list, but it seems to have started a trend since it's inception.

Probably a bit of over-kill, but credit should be given where credit is due, right?

RJPelonia did go back to watch every Quicklook video to collect the data for his lists. So, you can find links to other GB members' STD's (unfortunate acronym isn't it?) on HIS LISTS PAGE.

List Retired

As of March 7th 2012. This list has been officially retired.

After setting a new record on his 100th QL Start to Death Record. Brad has been officially released of his curse... or at least the recording of it. This is partially because the list has become a little too large to easily manage, but mostly because the joke has, unfortunately, seemed to have played itself out.

Thank you, Brad, as they say, for the memories.

List items

  • Start to Death - 0:22<br>

    Cause - Shot in the damned face<br>


    For Brad's 100th Quicklook Anniversary, Brad decided to BREAK THE RECORD by almost halving the previous record holder!

  • Start to Death - 0:38<br>

    Cause - Brad logs in, activates the maximum armor on his suit for an inquiring co-host (Jeff)... and is abruptly rewarded with a shot to the face.<br>


    Our Current Record holder!! Surely it can't be beaten... surely, there can be no quicker a death!...right?

    Edit: It can, and <i>has</i>

  • Start to Death - 0:49<br>

    Cause - Jumped into (not <i>on</i>-to) a Goomba<br>


    Brad claims to have been knocked into the Goomba by one of his compatriots... you decide.<br>

    Regardless, this previous record holder (which held the title for nearly a year!) is also one of the greatest examples of Pullin' a Brad for the <i>entire</i> Quicklook!

  • Start to Death - 1:00<br>

    Cause - "OH NO, I've been- I forget what they call that... stasis module-ed"<br>


    Multiplayer games are a fantastic place to experience Brad doing his thing (quickly).

  • Start to Death - 1:06<br>

    Cause - Suicide (Hammering a Fuel Tank)<br>


    The <i>former</i> record holder, with such a minuscule time, it was hard to believe it would ever be broken!

    (Arguably the funniest death on the list).

  • Start to Death - 1:17<br>

    Cause - Cube(d...?)

  • Start to Death - 1:47<br>

    Cause - Died in combat... on Monday (somewhere).

  • Start to Death - 1:58<br>

    Cause - Shot by his Target, all the while utterly confused about who was shooting him, and who he should be killing.

  • Start to Death - 2:01<br>

    Cause - Bombed on...<br>


    Though there is a funny moment where Brad thinks he has died, at a mere 1:00 in, by driving his jeep into the ocean, which would have been a new record (had it been true, and had it not been broken again by New Super Mario Wii since then). Thankfully, he figures it out 17 seconds later, and swims to shore. "I thought I was dead."

  • Start to Death - 2:03<br>

    Cause - Old age... Just kidding, it was a zombie. duh.


    And I quote, "zombie's doing their job" -Brad

  • Start to Death - 2:12<br>

    Cause - Suicide (Pushing the only other button that doesn't just make you 'splode)

  • Start to Death - 2:23<br>

    Cause - One of the many, MANY, colourful bad guys on screen.

  • Start to Death - 2:23<br>

    Cause - Dive Kick Strike! ... straight into a spikey vine.<br>


    Check out the 5:10 minute mark for a good minute of solid Brad Pull'n, as well.

  • Start to Death - 2:30<br>

    Cause - Sliced to death by the enemy before he could even move<br>

  • Start to Death - 2:37<br>

    Cause - Jumped off the Screen<br>


    This game is basically made for a Quicklook by Brad. Watch to see why.

  • Start to Death - 2:52<br>

    Cause - Blue Laser

  • Start to Death - 2:54<br>

    Cause - Falling into a pit (while fleeing from battle)

  • Start to Death - 3:03<br>

    Cause - Electrocution

  • Start to Death - 3:14<br>

    Cause - Shot by Tank (Assist given to Helicopter)

  • Start to Death - 3:18<br>

    Cause - FINISH HIM!<br>


    (pretty safe to assume what happens next is pretty gory, right?)

  • Start to Death - 3:23<br>

    Cause - Mowed down by a turret, while in direct control of an Ivan toy

  • Start to Death - 3:24<br>

    Cause - Drove into a geometric shape, of which he was at war with... (presumably)

  • Start to Death - 3:25<br>

    Cause - Crashed into "Footlong Frankie"<br>


    Please note: Footlong Frankie was stationary, and was, in fact, already dead having been killed by Brad on a previous lap of the race... oh yeah, that's <i>pull'n a Brad</i> alright.

  • Start to Death - 3:30<br>

    Cause - Subzero, jump-kick to the chest.

  • Start to Death - 4:19<br>

    Cause - Cut to death by Guard with a Katana

  • Start to Death - 4:23<br>

    Cause - Zapped!

  • Start to Death - 4:30<br>

    Cause - Shot by Nazi<br>


    Or.. was it all a <i>dream</i>!? DUHN DUHN DUUUUHHHNNNN<br>

    Also, this game is, absolutely, <i>terrible</i>.

  • Start to Death - 4:31<br>

    Cause - Zapped! ... oh uuh... by a <i>killer</i> PCB Board... of <i>death</i>!...?

  • Start to Death - 4:34<br>

    Cause - The Irony of needing to die in a Quicklook of a game called <i>I Am Alive</i> was too much.... just kidding, he got hit with a dude with a machete.

  • Start to Death - 4:39<br>

    Cause - Killed by a Critter ("Weak, Dude!")

  • Start to Death - 4:39<br>

    Cause - Jumped into a (Scary) Bird<br>


    Some of the best Quicklook deaths are the ones in which Brad proclaims, with confidence, that "it's pretty hard to die" in the game. Then dies shortly thereafter. This is, another, one of those Quicklook deaths.

  • Start to Death - 4:42<br>

    Cause - Punched in the Face

  • Start to Death - 4:47<br>

    Cause - Went it alone, and was quickly sliced by an evil red enemy of similar class.

  • Start to Death - 4:53<br>

    Cause - Shot by Yankee (in Slow motion)

  • Start to Death - 4:53<br>

    Cause - Helicopter assist to walking tank thing...

  • Start to Death - 5:00<br>

    Cause - Orcs, lots of orcs.<br>


    Developer should have thought twice before deciding to share a healthbar with Brad.

    That being said, this should really be listed as a Quicklook EX, since he is playing the secondary character, "Sparkles," to the developer's main "Deathspank." But it's not, so it counts.

  • Start to Death - 5:00<br>

    Cause - Flew into a microscopic, evil, robot, thing... inside a dude.

  • (Arcade Edition)<br>

    Start to Death - 5:07<br>

    Cause - (Evil) Hadouken

  • Start to Death: 5:28<br>

    Cause - Overheated and crashed.

  • Start to Death - 5:40<br>

    Cause - Sentry Turret

  • Start to Death - 5:41<br>

    Cause - Beat up (by some kind of swamp monster thing)

  • Start to Death - 5:47<br>

    Cause - Killed by burning Zombie. (go figure)

  • Start to Death - 5:48<br>

    Cause - Fireball (Held and charged by Vinny)

  • Start to Death - 6:09<br>

    Cause - Ran into Tank<br>


    Vinny's "strategy" of <i>just go!</i> was not helping Brad at all... other than helping to make our list, of course.

  • Start to Death - 6:14<br>

    Cause - Hedgehog blade looking thing... seriously, what is that thing?<br>


    Brad goes out of his way to grab a hidden extra life module to increase his total life bar... then squanders it immediately after by running the wrong way from an insta-kill enemy.

  • Start to Death - 6:45<br>

    Cause - De-rezzed by a disc

  • Start to Death - 7:04<br>

    Cause - Suicide (Explosive)<br>

  • Start to Death - 7:08<br>

    Cause - Shot while cowering behind a rock for cover, like some yella bellied, no good, sumna...<br>

  • Start to Death - 7:10<br>

    Cause - Hit off a cliff

  • Start to Death - 7:40<br>

    Cause - Hot lead injection.<br>


    Definitely one of the early deaths, since Brad's reaction to dying was, "Oh, I guess I <i>can</i> die in the middle of a Quicklook." Poor Brad... he has no idea how legendary his deaths would become in the months to come.

  • Start to Death - 7:43<br>

    Cause - Thrown Scythe

  • Start to Death - 8:04<br>

    Cause - Stabbed, through the entire body, by a giant spider leg (god, this game is brutal)<br>


    Brad is actually first killed by a Bear Trap by way of decapitation (yeah you read it right) at 4:00 in, but it was only for example... and planned, also was asked to be stricken from the record. Ok, fine, we'll give it to him, but the above death sure stands (Brad agrees).

  • Start to Death - 8:08<br>

    Cause - Magic! (the bad kind)<br>


    This one is interesting because Brad even pre-recorded his Quicklook before he sat down with Dave to comment it so that he would have less trouble playing and talking at the same time... but then STILL manages to die <i>many</i> times.

  • Start to Death - 8:30<br>

    Cause - Beat'n up. (blink and you'll miss it)

  • Start to Death - 8:46<br>

    Cause - Kamikaze<br>


    Brad tries to keep away from games he can die in by doing a Quicklook of this RTS/Tower defense game. But when he takes to the skie in a plane (which by the way he has <i>direct</i> control of) he kamikaze's it for a third time, failing to bail out. And if that wasn't enough, minutes later (10:19) Brad is officially shot out of the sky, and seconds after <i>that</i> he loses the match (10:29). This, my friends, is textbook "pull'n a Brad."

  • Start to Death - 8:58<br>

    Cause - Shot by a Lady Batman... (note: not Bat Girl).

  • Start to Death - 9:11<br>

    Cause - Bled out... after being shot, and being completing unaware of how to stop the bleeding.

  • Start to Death - 9:17<br>

    Cause - Killed by ENEMY SOLDIER. -500 Points<br>

  • Start to Death - 9:26<br>

    Cause - Shot by Snipers, while riding on a train

  • Start to Death - 9:28<br>

    Cause - Failed to push X enough... Juggled to death by evil Gundam's

  • Start to Death - 10:04<br>

    Cause - Jumps of an edge<br>


    One of the very few ways a Jedi can actually die... Brad finds

  • Start to Death - 10:35<br>

    Cause - Suicide (Fell to death, jumping off cliff).

  • Start to Death - 10:42<br>

    Cause - Arrow, from an Archer.

  • Start to Death - 10:48Mbr>

    Cause - Fell in a hole<br>


    The ball fell in a hole... and died.<br>

    ...Don't question it!

  • Start to Death - 10:50<br>

    Cause - Fall to death<br>


    The timing on this one is something to be hold... literally seconds after Vinny ask's "have you died?" and Brad responds confidently "no."

  • Start to Death - 11:00<br>

    Cause - Riddled with Bullets... and gorgeously rendered bullets at that.

  • Start to Death - 11:04<br>

    Cause - In a game clearly designed with stealth strategy in mind, Brad throws caution to the wind, adopting a a more "in your face" technique of taking out robots. Wonder how that's gonna work out...? hmmm

  • Start to Death - 11:23<br>

    Cause - Butt end of a gun... to the face!

  • Though Technically not listed as a Quick Look, this video may as well be since Brad is doing all of the playing and the two developers watching are doing the (horrible) commentary.<br>


    Start to Death - 11:28<br>

    Cause - Crushed by a landing Griffin. (To which Brad responds with a timely, "Fuck this game" and the developers watching respond with, "I've never seen that happen before")

  • Start to Death - 12:07<br>

    Cause - Unit killed in battle<br>


    This one is tough because Brad is controlling many units in the game... but they <i>are</i> controlled individually and directly, unlike an RTS might normally be, and he really did LET this unit die, even calling it a "calculated risk." So <i>WE</i> will call it a death... of sorts.

  • Start to Death: 12:44<br>

    Cause - Bounced off a cliff<br>

  • Start to Death - 12:44<br>

    Cause - Smoke Inhalation<br>


    Special mention for showing death in a game where everyone else watching was pretty sure it was impossible to do. (Except Vinny) "I don't think you can die in this game"..."Brad can."

  • Start to Death - 12:50<br>

    Cause - Shot by Jeff, with a CC13 during, during a 4 player split screen Deathmatch on Felicity<br>


    Wait... what year is it again? Did I fall asleep and go back in time or something?

  • It should really be said that Brad is actually <i>very</i> good at Doom 2. He manages to make it through the first half of this quicklook on Ultraviolent difficulty, in levels he's never seen before, with no cheat codes activated (I know! I didn't even know you could play it with-<i>out</i> cheat codes on). He manages to take down a Spider Mastermind using only a shotgun, and at one point he is literally down to 1% health before clawing his way back to life.

    He really only dies after going on a mindless Chainsaw rampage. Something he probably wouldn't have done, were it not a quicklook in the first place.<br>


    It really <i><b>should</b></i> be said... but it won't.<br>


    Start to Death - 13:07<br>

    Cause - Shot in the back, running away like a coward from a few of the weakest enemies in the game. %3B)

  • Start to Death - 13:14<br>

    Cause - Boss Fight Death

  • Start to Death - 13:41<br>

    Cause - I'unno probably a laser or missile or something...<br>


    Seriously, if anyone can pin-point the cause, I'd be happy to hear it. It's messy when Brad finally kick's it in this QL.

  • Start to Death - 15:08<br>

    Cause - Kamikaze Orc

  • Start to Death - 15:23<br>

    Cause - JellyFish Ink<br>


    Near the beginning of this Quicklook, Vinny ask's Brad, "Have you died in this game?" Perhaps prophesying his impending doom?

  • Start to Death - 16:38<br>

    Cause - Rocket from giant Robot.

  • Start to Death: 16:56<br>

    Cause - Killed by Dungeon Monster(s)<br>


    Brad was literally planning to die in this Quick Look... and Ryan was <i>really</i> helpful on this one too: "Die... Die!... Finish this Quick Look by dying!" Also, points given for <u>perma-death</u> in this Quick Look, since the game has an option to play on "hardcore," where death means no restart (cool!).

  • Start to Death - 17:04<br>

    Cause - Fell to death, on a collapsing bridge.

  • Start to Death - 17:38<br>

    Cause - Flurry of bullets and rockets not even electricity and ice powers could stop

  • Start to death - 18:20

    Cause - Shot<br>


    Just before death, Brad can changes stratagies from one that is working (stelath) to, "maybe I should just go balls out here."<br>

    Followed shorrly by "... arg.. or I could just die"

  • Start to Death - 19:24<br>

    Cause - Button triggered (by Brad) booby trap.<br>


    Curiosity, as they say, killed the cat (... or, you know, the Brad).

  • Start to Death - 19:50<br>

    Cause - Drowning

  • Start to Death - 21:46<br>

    Cause - Burned by a flame from an exploding golf ball while trying to shoot a giant tiger-raptor... what? you heard me.

  • Start to Death - 22:03

    Cause - Flanked and shot... no de-fib left from the last (deliberate) [i]almost[/i] death.

  • Start to Death - 22:59<br>

    Cause - Flew into a wall (during escape sequence)<br>


    Since Most QL's, that arn't for RTS or puzzle games, run around 20-25 mins in <i>total</i>, this seems like it will hold the longevity record for a some time.<br>

    But... you never know...<br>


    <b>Edit:</b> See below!

  • Start to Death - 22:59<br>

    Cause - Shot by a tank, from tank POV

  • Start to Death - 24:33<br>

    Cause - Wolverine Claw<br>


    Strategy - "I'm just gonna press buttons, and see what happens"<br>

    Result - ... not half bad, considering. But ultimately defeated, none the less.

  • Start to Death - 25:20<br>

    Cause - Shot in damned face<br>


    "What's Wrong Boss? Boss! BOOOOOOSSSSS?!"<br>

    A new longevity record. Considering this Quicklook is just over 45 minutes long, it's not that surprising it took this long to die. Well played Brad... Well played indeed.

  • Start to Death - 25:51<br>

    Cause - Jumped into a block being thrown at him.<br>


    Seems impressive, almost 26 minutes... It would be, too, had Brad not been merely <i>watching</i> for the first 24 some odd minutes. Well played, sir... well played , indeed.

  • Start to Death - 27:47<br>

    Cause - ZAMBIES!! (duh!)

  • Start to Death - 29:59<br>

    Cause - Flung into low orbit by a Giant<br>


    Brad puts Dragon hunting aside, in a game devoted to ... well, Dragon hunting, to try his hand at fighting two giants. After watching one fling a tiger miles into the air, Brad suffer's a similar fate shortly there after.

  • Start to Death - 32:28<br>

    Cause - Bombed by teammate

  • Start to Death - 35:36<br>

    Cause - Shot up in a strip club...<br>


    "Shake it baby..."

  • Start to Death - 35:43<br>

    Cause - Electrocution<br>


    Brad waits a LONG time to die in this one, folks... this one is gonna hold the record for a while, I think. (edit. NOPE...)

  • Start to Death - 41:38<br>

    Cause - Fast Zombie... thing.

  • Start to Death - 46:47<br>

    Cause - Let go of a Colossus, and fell about 5 feet... to his death<br>


    Extra long quick look = extra long Start to Death Time.<br>

    As a side note, this QL is downright painful to watch for anyone who has played Shadow of the Colossus before, because Brad just does NOT understand/remember the grip meter mechanic in the game, and avid players will find themselves screaming at the screen, while Brad continually pulls a Brad on a a truly EPIC scale.

  • Start to Death - 54:28<br>

    Cause - Eaten by the Lake Monster<br>


    One of Brads favorite games of all time. Clearly he knows what's he's doing... despite Vinny egging him on to "just run through to the lake."