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    Scrap Metal

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 10, 2010

    Scrap Metal is a top-down racing game with street and offroad courses, powerful weapons, and customizable cars.

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     Scrap Metal features up to 4-player  splitscreen.
     Scrap Metal features up to 4-player splitscreen.
    Overhead perspective, powerups, similar style to Mashed and Twisted Metal. There are 60 single-player races with varying objectives and shortcuts for the player to find and utilise.
    The game features a large selection of vehicles including bulldozers, Volkswagen-style bugs, airboats, monster trucks, and station wagons. Players can customise their vehicles to be faster, take more damage, have more grip when steering, beef up their weapon and more.

    Weapons include a buzz saw mounted to the front of your car, miniguns, rocket launchers and flame throwers. Powerups can also be collected to unlock special weapons like a proximity mine or an oil slick that can be placed around the track. 


    The locations you race around in singleplayer can also be used in the game's various multiplayer modes. Modes include your basic demolition derby, king of the hill, races, and a survivor mode where players are pursued by opposing vehicles as they try to complete laps.  

    Avatar Awards

    You can unlock 2 avatar awards in Scrap Metal. 

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