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    Gotham City Impostors

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 07, 2012

    Freelance vigilantes in superhero garb take on psychopathic criminals wearing clown makeup in this (now free-to-play) Batman-themed multiplayer first-person shooter.

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    Which one is the real Batman? The real Joker? I'm confused.
    Which one is the real Batman? The real Joker? I'm confused.

    Gotham City Impostors is a team-based comedic first-person shooter developed by Monolith and published digitally by WB Games for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade), PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network), and PC (as a Games For Windows - Live release) on February 8, 2012.

    Set in Gotham City, players are put into one of two opposing factions: freelance crime fighters dressed like Batman, and psychopathic criminals dressed like The Joker, calling themselves Bats and Jokerz respectively.

    Along with paid downloadable content, Gotham City Imposters has been supported with free title updates, adding new costumes, maps, weapons, and features (including in-game joining). On August 31, 2012, the game was re-released on Steam (switching from the Games For Windows - Live system to Steamworks) as a free-to-play title. Those who paid for the PC version (from any distributor) can redeem their "CD Key" for exclusive rewards in the free-to-play version.


    Games contain up to 12 players in 6 vs 6 team matches. There are various body types that players can choose from, that not only have an aesthetic appearance, but an effect on game play. The five body types are Speedy, Nimble, Tough, Burly and Mighty. Use of each in the custom classes require you to unlock them through gaining experience points and new levels.

    Weapon load out consists of a primary "ready" weapon, a backup, a support item, gadgets and a perk system called 'Fun Facts'. The ready weapons are typical of the genre, including a small selection of rifles, SMGs, heavy machine guns and rocket launchers. Weapons can be customized further by swapping out ammo types and applying skins. Support items include items such as pipe bombs, boomerangs, trap-in-a-box, and an energy drink that instantly boosts health. The support items have a cool down period, but can give a significant advantage to players. Gadgets help players move around the map. These include items such as grapple guns, roller skates and a winged glider rig that can also be utilized to take down enemies.

    Character Customization

    Players can customize their characters (from cosmetic items to body types that impact the player's stats) as well as their equipment (such as grappling hooks and smoke bombs) as they set out to eliminate the opposing team.

    Game Modes

    Team Deathmatch

    Standard Team Deathmatch game mode, with the Bats and the Jokerz fighting each other for supremacy. Each kill contributes one point to the team's total, and the victory goes to the first team to reach 75 (50 in early versions) points (or whichever team has the most points when time runs out).


    Conquest game mode where each team tries to take over the majority of three "Gasblaster" machines. Teams capture neutral and enemy-occupied Gasblaster machines by standing near it, and teams can defend the machines by also standing near it (nullifying the capture process). As a team controls the majority of Gasblasters, the atmosphere will fill up with their type of colored gas (green for friendly gas and red for enemy gas).

    Once either team has reached critical mass (as noted on the bottom-left corner of the HUD), the opposing team will die and lose the match (the Bats' gas calls in a swarm of real bats that tear up any Jokerz still remaining, while the Jokerz release a deadly nerve toxin that kills any Bats still alive).

    Psych Warfare

    Assault game mode where both teams rush to acquire a neutral car battery that must be brought to their specific Propaganda Machines (special brainwashing devices located near the spawns of their enemy teams). Once the battery is inserted, a thirty-second countdown timer ticks down (in which the enemy team must detach the battery) until the team's Propaganda Machine goes off. A team earns a point by having their Machine activate successfully (and the team with the most points after the match ends win). The game runs for two rounds, with both teams switching Propaganda Machines and spawn locations at the half-time point.

    When the team's Propaganda Machine goes off, it releases a brainwashing "propaganda" signal that demoralizes the opposing team (forcing them to lose control of their weapons and gadgets for 30 seconds). All they are able to do is a "panic slap" melee attack, which can kill enemies (giving bonus points due to its difficulty) and disable the Machine faster (by slapping it directly).

    Bounty Hunter

    Team Deathmatch game mode, added in April 2012, in which players must collect coins dropped by dead enemies. Each enemy coin collected contributes one point to the team's total, and the victory goes to the first team to reach 50 points (or whichever team has the most points when time runs out).

    Players who collect enemy coins also gain both an individual score boost and a temporary damage boost. Players can also recover coins dropped by dead allies (for an individual score boost for "denying" the coins for enemy players).


    A single-player game mode in which players can earn bonus experience points for completing special obstacle courses for each of the five maps (15 challenges for each map, split up by difficulty and gadget choice). Each challenge supplies the player with a gadget and one (or more) weapons, in which the player must use them to reach checkpoints and eliminate targets as fast as they can. Players can earn up to 100 experience points for each challenge by earning time-based Medals.


    Each player equips two weapons at a time, out of a total of 16 (4 more added via free updates) weapons. Other than the Dawn Patrol and Thunder Dragon (Kingmaker in later versions), all weapons must be unlocked using Weapon Keys (earned by gaining experience and leveling up).

    For each weapon, their weapon mods (with the exception of their default mods) must be unlocked using Weapon Mod Keys (earned by gaining experience and leveling up). Each weapon can also have a paint job (from camoflauge skins to golden guns) that must be unlocked by earning specific Feats of Prowess for that weapon. Later updates added three new paint jobs that can be found randomly in a Prize Box and five new paint jobs (resembling the five Gangs) that can only be unlocked by reaching Gang rank 99 with a specific Gang.


    • Dawn Patrol - Fully-automatic assault rifle. Compared to the Gatekeeper, it sacrifices accuracy and rate-of-fire for more damage.
    • Partisan - Three-round burst assault rifle. Deals more damage (per shot) than the Gatekeeper.
    • Huntsman - Semi-automatic assault rifle. Deals more damage (per shot) than the Gatekeeper and is the most accurate out of all non-sniper firearms.

    Submachine Guns

    Heavy Weapons

    • Shredder - Homemade weapon that fires large steel bearing balls at a very high rate. Although the BBs have a low damage output (per ball) and the weapon is both inaccurate and slow to reload, the weapon has the fastest rate-of-fire in the game. Made for heavy body types, it slows down users with lighter body types.
    • Jackhammer - Machine gun (modeled after the M60). Although wildly inaccurate (not to mention its weakness at longer ranges and slow reload speed), it combines a decent rate-of-fire with a devastating damage output (per shot). Made for heavy body types, it slows down users with lighter body types.
    • Deep Freezer - Homemade weapon that fires long-ranged damaging blasts of a freezing compound. It ignores the Body Armor buff and can be charged (by holding down the Fire button) for more effectiveness. If the blast depletes the enemy's health, the enemy will be frozen in place (and the next hit from any form of damage immediately shatters them, killing them instantly). Frozen players can thaw out over time, leaving them with 1 HP.

    Sniper Weapons

    • The Marshal - Lever-action sniper rifle. Very accurate with no damage falloff. Default weapon mod is the Scope Lens, which features 10x magnification. An exclusive weapon mod for all Sniper Weapons is the 4x Scope Lens, which reduces the magnification to 4x.
    • Buccaneer - Old-fashioned rifle. Has a higher damage output than The Marshal (with an instant-kill on headshots), but is more difficult to use due to its low rate-of-fire.
    • Bear-Stalker - Bow-and-arrow. Shots are silent (does not automatically show up on enemy radar) and can be charged (by holding down the Fire button) for more damage. Default weapon mod is 4x Scope Lens, and the only other weapon mod available is the Body Odor Sniffer.


    • Persuader - Pump-action shotgun. Deadlier than most firearms in close quarters, but significantly weaker at longer ranges.
    • Chaperone - Fully-automatic shotgun. Compared to the Persuader, it sacrifices damage dealt (per shot) for a higher rate-of-fire and faster reloading speed.


    • Thunder Dragon - Homemade rocket launcher used for firing projectiles that deal splash damage. Projectile explosions have a splash damage effect (dealing more damage near the impact and less damage farther off), and can damage the user if he/she is closeby. Equipped by one of two weapon mods: Rockets (large projectiles with moderate speed) and Missiles (small projectiles with fast speed and smaller splash damage that can be fired in volleys of up to three shots before reloading).
    • Bombardier - Slingshot that fires projectiles in an arc. Although more difficult to use than the Thunder Dragon, the Bombardier's projectiles deal more damage. Equipped by one of two weapon mods: Bouncy Grenade (projectiles that bounce on surfaces and detonates either after a short duration or on direct impact with other players) and Mortar Rounds (projectiles that explode upon impact, dealing more damage when fired at longer distances).
    • Boarding Party - Added in the Rodeo Pirate Pack. Converted hand cannon that fires ravenous "heat-seeking" parrots that latches onto the front of a nearby enemy's head, slightly damaging them while disorienting them for a short amount of time.


    • Motivator - Loudspeaker that, by constant encouragement, heals teammates in front of him/her. If those teammates are already at maximum health, it gives them a temporary defense buff. Cannot equip any weapon mods.
    • Kingmaker - Added in the March 2012 update. Semi-automatic handgun. Not as deadly as other firearms, but has a faster weapon switch speed and high potential rate-of-fire. Can be upgraded to a fully-automatic handgun with the Full Auto Conversion weapon mod. Can deal more damage to players not wearing Body Armor (at the cost of dealing less damage to players wearing Body Armor) with the Hollow Point Ammo weapon mod.
    • Falcon Blade - Added in the March 2012 update. Katana that has a longer range and higher rate-of-fire than standard melee attacks. Holding down the Alternate Fire button gives players the ability to deflect most bullet attacks.
    • Witch Doctor - Added in the Steamy Punk Pack. Homemade weapon that fires slow-moving balls of electricity, zapping and stunning nearby enemies. The damage is amplified if the enemy is wearing Body Armor.

    Common Weapon Mods

    • Iron Sights - Default configuration that has no specific advantages or disadvantages.
    • Body Odor Sniffer - Reveals positions of nearby enemies as yellow "stink clouds".
    • Extended Magazines - Known for some weapons as Expanded Magazine and Enlarged Drum. Increases the weapon's ammo magazine capacity, but reduces the speed of reloading that weapon.
    • Muzzle Break - Increases the weapon's overall accuracy, but reduces damage dealt by that weapon by 15%.
    • Penetrator Ammo - All shots from this weapon ignore the Body Armor buff and can penetrate through thin walls.
    • Silencer - Muffles the weapon's firing, reducing noise and preventing the player from automatically showing up on the radar.
    • Red Dot Sight - Provides an efficient zoom lens for easier medium- and long-range aiming. Increases both accuracy and range.
    • Reflex Sight - Provides a better crosshair for easier close- and medium-range aiming. Increases accuracy.

    Gadgets and Support Items

    Other than the Grapple Gun and Pipe Bomb, gadgets and support items must be unlocked using Gadget Keys and Support Item Keys (both earned by gaining experience points and leveling up).


    • Glider Rig - Wearing a hang-glider rig on their back, users of the Glider Rig can jump higher and farther. By pressing the Jump button while falling from a high point, users can deploy their rig and glide across the map. Users can hold down the Jump button while standing on an air vent to soar high across the air. While the rig is deployed, landing on a mini-trampoline or an air vent also causes them to soar back up into the air. While they cannot fire weapons while the rig is deployed, they can perform a Dive Bomb attack (using the Fire button) that deals heavy damage to impacted enemies. The heavier the body type, the greater the damage inflicted.
    • Grapple Gun -
    • Rollerskates -
    • Spring Boots -
    • Inflatable Insoles -
    • Targeting Goggles -
    • Ninja Smoke Bomb -
    • Jetpack - Added in the Steamy Punk Pack.

    Support Items

    • Pipe Bomb - An explosive pipe bomb, thrown with the Use Support Item button, that runs on a short fuse. By holding down the Use Support Item button, players can burn down the fuse before throwing it to time the detonation (though holding it down for too long causes the bomb to explode on the player).
    • Impact Grenade - An homemade hand grenade, thrown with the Use Support Item button, that explodes upon impact.
    • Boomerang -
    • Hatchet -
    • Shuriken -
    • Bear Trap -
    • Trap-in-the-Box -
    • Body Armor -
    • Energy Drink -
    • Care Package -
    • Motion Sensor -
    • Airspace Denier -
    • Conch Shell - Added in the Rodeo Pirate Pack.
    • Toxic Gas - Added in the March 2012 update.


    The game initially came with five maps, but several more have been added via free title updates since release. They all have various themes of locations around Gotham. There is a bit of emphasis on verticality, with the ability to get on top of most buildings and structures. All game modes can be played on all the maps:

    Ace Chemical

    • A rundown chemical processing plant that is a series of dilapidated buildings and rooftops.

    Amusement Mile

    • An amusement park area that has various arcades, roller coasters, & funhouses.

    Crime Alley

    • This map consists of a main road in the middle with various alleyways around the outside. The ends of the road are blocked by deadly nerve toxin.

    The Docks

    • A more open environment, with piers & dockhouses to move in and out of, and water bordering one side.

    Gotham Power

    • This map is located in and around the Gotham Power & Light facilities. The area is bordered by deadly electric transformers.

    25th Floor

    • A map that takes place on the 25th floor of the Gotham Times Building. (Added March 2012.)

    East End

    • Takes place in the streets of a run down dilapidated section of Gotham. (Added April 2012.)

    Arkham Asylum

    • A map set in the grounds of the famous looney bin. (Added May 2012.)

    Downloadable Content

    Gotham City Impostors launched with over 100 pieces of paid DLC available, most of which are just cosmetic items like additional costumes & calling cards, and most of these items can also be unlocked simply by playing the game. The game does allow players to purchase double xp boosts for a set time period.

    Rodeo Pirate Pack

    • The Boarding Party weapon - Launches a live parrot into the face of the enemy, partially blinding them while doing small damage.
    • The Conch item - Support item that can interrupt other player's active gadget uses, as well as shove them backwards.
    • Rummy fun fact - perk that makes the player immune to the Parrot attack, Conch gadget, and freezing attacks.
    • New rodeo & pirate costumes -
    • Pirate voice -

    Steamy Punk Pack

    • Jet Pack item - Support item that allows the player to hover in the air.
    • Witch Doctor weapon - Causes an electrical charge area of effect that can damage multiple enemies.
    • Well Grounded fun fact - Take less electrical damage, and don't get pushed around by enemy weapons as much, while your weapons push them around even more.
    • "Stitches" - A new mascot
    • New steampunk costume choices -
    • Steampunk voice

    Free Title Updates

    March 2012:

    • 25th Floor map - A new map that takes place on the 25th floor of the Gotham Times Building.
    • Join games that are in-progress - players can now join games that are already in progress, allowing games to remain balanced if other players quit mid-match.
    • Falcon Blade weapon - A katana blade that can block bullets.
    • The Kingmaker weapon - A quickdraw pistol.
    • Toxic Gas support weapon - Leave a trail of gas in your wake to damage enemies.
    • "Nimble Fingers" fun fact - A perk that allows you to capture gasblasters faster and attach/detach batteries faster.
    • More costume choices

    April 2012:

    • East End map - A new map that takes place in a run down urban section of Gotham.
    • Bounty Hunter game mode - A new game mode that adds a variation to team deathmatch.
    • New voice languages - An option that allows your character to speak his taunts in French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

    May 2012:

    • Arkham Asylum map - New map added which takes place in and around the famous asylum.

    System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 7 GB Hard Drive Space
    • Video Card: 256MB dedicated memory DX9 Video Card (GeForce 8600 or ATI X1800 or better)
    • DirectX®: DX9
    • Sound: DX9 compatible Sound Controller
    • Additional: Broadband Internet Connection


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Quad Core CPU 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 7 GB Hard Drive Space
    • Video Card: 512MB DX9 High-Performance Video Card (GeForce 8800 or ATI X1900 or better)
    • DirectX®: DX9
    • Sound: DX9 compatible Sound Controller
    • Additional: Broadband Internet Connection

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