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    God of War Collection

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Nov 17, 2009

    A high definition re-release of God of War and God of War II for PlayStation 3.

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    God of War and God of War II originally debuted on the PlayStation 2, and the God of War Collection brings both games to the PlayStation 3 on a single Blu-ray Disc. Both games have received high definition re-mastering & 2X anti-aliasing, and they output at a consistent 60 frames per second in up to 1080p (though it's rendered in 720p). Some in-game cutscenes did not receive a graphical upgrade, providing a stark contrast between the updated graphics and the classic ones.

    Each game has a Platinum Trophy for players to earn. The God of War Collection became part of the PS3 "Greatest Hits" catalog in April 2010.

    Vita Release

    At E3 2013 it was announced that the game would to be coming to the PlayStation Vita and was later released on May 6th 2014 to a mixed critical reception with many critics complaining that the performance, graphics and audio of the game was not up to the standard of the other version of the game on other platforms.

    Touch Features

    The Vita release also included several touchscreen features to accommodate for the Vita's lack of L2 and R2 buttons.

    The rear touch-pad replaces the missing buttons and is used to open doors, chests or activate save points.

    The front touchscreen is used for various secondary actions:

    • Weapon Switching - by pushing any part of the left half of the screen.
    • Activating the Rage of the Gods - by pushing a small icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
    • Dashing - by pushing a dash icon on the right side of the screen.
    The touch icons included in the Vita port are clearly shown here.
    The touch icons included in the Vita port are clearly shown here.
    The touch icon which replaces R2 can been seen here.
    The touch icon which replaces R2 can been seen here.

    God Of War III Demo

    The God of War Collection originally shipped with a voucher code that allowed gamers to download the demo that was originally shown to the press at E3 2009. The demo has since become available for download from the PSN for everyone.


    God of War Soundtrack

    1."Escape from Madness"Marino0:38
    2."The Vengeful Spartan"Marino1:21
    3."Kratos and the Sea"Marino2:21
    4."Have Faith"Marino1:21
    5."The Splendor of Athens"Reagan2:09
    6."This City Will Be Your Grave"Marino0:24
    7."Ares Destroys Athens"Reagan1:13
    8."Mind the Cyclops"Reagan2:09
    9."Athenian Battle"Reagan3:07
    10."Exploring the Ruins"Phillips2:02
    11."Athens Rooftops Fighting"Marino2:39
    12."Save the Oracle Challenge"Marino1:35
    13."Kratos' Evil Past"Marino2:01
    14."Too Late"Marino1:58
    15."The Great Sword Bridge of Athena"Marino2:17
    16."What the Oracle Spoke"Marino1:09
    17."The Story of Chronos"Marino1:17
    18."Battle the Lethal Sirens"Reagan2:28
    19."The Temple of Pandora"Fish0:36
    20."Pandoran Cyclopes Attack"Fish1:42
    21."The Architect's Mysteries"Fish2:00
    22."Zeus' Wrath Divine"Velasco3:04
    23."The Underwater World of Poseidon"Phillips3:04
    24."Minotaur Boss Battle"Velasco1:57
    25."Burning Visions"Fish1:15
    26."Pandora's Box"Phillips1:00
    27."Hades, God of the Underworld"Velasco1:13
    28."The Fury of Ares"Fish1:26
    29."Duel With Ares"Reagan, Velasco2:26
    30."Enthroned on Mount Olympus"Phillips1:57
    31."God of War End Title"Marino5:06

    God of War II Soundtrack

    1."Main Titles"Marino2:59
    2."The Glory of Sparta"Reagan3:10
    3."The Way of the Gods"Marino2:13
    4."Colossus of Rhodes"Marino2:22
    5."The Bathhouse"Reagan2:02
    6."Death of Kratos"Marino4:12
    7."The End Begins"Marino1:57
    8."Typhon Mountain"Reagan3:14
    9."Waking the Sleeping Giant"Velasco1:49
    10."Battle for the Skies"Reagan2:12
    11."Exploring the Isle"Marino2:19
    12."The Isle of Creation"Velasco3:20
    13."The Summit of Sacrifice"Fish2:35
    14."An Audience with Cronos"Fish2:07
    15."The Barbarian King Returns"Velasco2:00
    16."Bog of Lost Souls"Fish2:19
    17."Battle in the Bog"Reagan2:00
    18."Crossing the Lowlands"Marino2:07
    20."Palace of the Fates"Fish2:46
    21."Phoenix Rising"Velasco2:16
    22."Ashen Spire"Marino1:06
    24."The Battle for Olympus"Marino3:11
    25."Junkie XL Colossus Remix" Junkie XL4:24
    26."Blood of Destiny" Shadows Fall2:43
    27."God-Like"George "Tragic" Doman2:14
    28."Atlas Remembers (Bonus Track)"Marino4:11
    29."Kratos and Atropos (Bonus Track)"Fish1:33
    30."Pursuing Destiny (Bonus Track)"Velasco3:36
    31."Theme Of Fates (Bonus Track)"Marino2:11

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