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    The Sly Collection

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Nov 09, 2010

    The Sly Collection is a re-mastering of the Sly Cooper trilogy made available on a single Blu-ray disc. Along with HD graphics and trophies, the collection includes 3D support and new minigames with PlayStation Move support.

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    Much like the God of War Collection before it, Sony has remastered three classic PlayStation 2 games to be released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. The collection was released on Nov. 9, 2010 on a single Blu-ray disc for $39.99.

    Originally developed by Sucker Punch, the collection is ported by Sanzaru Games. All three games feature remastered high definition graphics, trophies and 3D support. There are also four new minigames that take advantage of the PlayStation Move.


    Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

    Sly decides to avenge his father's death by stealing back the Thievius Racconus from the Fiendish Five and its leader, Clockwerk.

    Sly 2: Band of Thieves

    Clockwerk's parts have been stolen by the Klaww Gang. Sly and his gang work together to pull this off.

    Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

    Sly is after another of his family's legacys, the Cooper Vault. But Sly has to reunite with his old teamates and grab two new ones and two old enemies.

    The Gang

    • Sly Cooper (playable in all three games) is the leader of the Cooper Gang and specializes stealth and acrobatics. He carries a cane that he uses as both a weapon and as a tool to pickpocket coins and other valuables from guards. The highlight of his gameplay is the context sensitive circle button which is used when there is a sparkly blue aura around objects that Sly can interact with, such as walking on ropes, hiding behind walls or under tables, among others. He also has a specialty in cracking open safes.
    • Bentley (playable all three games) is the brains of the Cooper Gang. In the second game, he uses a crossbow that fires sleep-darts, which he can also use to smack around enemies with should things get close and personal. He can also place bombs to blow up objects (usually mission-critical targets) and enemies. In the third game, he loses the crossbow in favor of a wheelchair that's decked out with an assortment of gadgets and weapons. As the most tech-savvy member of the gang, he's also able hack into computers, which initiates a dual-joystick shooter style minigame, to help Sly and Murray get through high security areas by disabling the security measures. He also provides hints when Sly or Murray is in trouble during boss battles.
    • Murray (playable in the second and third game) is considered as the muscle and brawn of the group. He's specialty lies in combat and anything involving some heavy lifting. His strength allows him to take out small enemies with a single punch, as well as use them as projectiles after knocking them down. He's also something of a vehicle expert, often handling any job that allows him to get behind the steering wheel.


    • Guru (playable in the third game) is Murray's master who taught him the ways of the mystic "Dreamtime" arts in Sly 3. He possesses the unique ability to transform himself into inanimate objects allowing him to hide in plain sight, as well as the ability to control guards and use them as a sort of projectile.
    • Penelope (technically she is only playable once in the third game, but she gets involved in missions) is the love of Bentley's life. She becomes the chief mechanic of the Cooper Gang after being enlisted for her expertise on romote control technology and general knowledge of mechanics. She hardly ever ventures out into the field, instead sending her RC car or helicopter to help Sly and the gang out whenever necessary from a distance.
    • Panda King (playable in the third game) is a kung-fu master/fireworks polytechnic. He helps the gang with fights by using a combination of kung-fu and fireworks. He used to be Sly's enemy in the first game, but joins up with the gang in Sly 3 after the gang helps him save his daughter from General Tsao.
    • Dimitri (playable in the third game) is a scuba diver. A former member of the Klaww Gang in Sly 2, Dimitri joins the gang as repayment for helping him regain his grandfather's old scuba gear after it was stolen some years back. He's able to combat underwater threats with his spear gun.
    • Carmelita Fox (playable in the third game) is not part of the gang -- she's trying to catch them, actually -- but she inadvertently helps the gang in numerous jobs by being unknowingly drawn into the mix. She primarily relies on her shock pistol in combat, but she can use a bit of hand-to-hand if necessary.


    Sly 1

    • Sir Raleigh is a frog who's notorious for his pirating activity (old fashion pirate activity, that is) on the seas, and is the head mechanic of the Fiendish Five. He is the first boss in the first game.
    • Muggshot is a tough pug with small legs but big fists, and is the muscle for the Fiendish Five. He's known for his track record of robberies, and has now taken over an entire city (Mesa City) and claimed it as his headquarters. He is the second boss fight in the first game, and makes a return appearance in Sly 3.
    • Mz Ruby is a crocodile specializing in the ways of voodoo. Her skill in using her magic to commit various thefts earned her a position in the Fiendish Five. She is the third boss in the first game.
    • Panda King is a kung fu master/fireworks pyrotechnic, and the demolitions expert for the Fiendish Five. He worked out a specific style of kung-fu that incorporated fire called "flame-fu," which he first used against Sly. He is the fourth boss fight in the first game.
    • Clockwerk is the leader of the Fiendish Five and the reason why Sly is the only remaining member of the Cooper clan. He is a mechanical owl (he recreated his body out of metal to achieve immortality) that contains numerous weapons hidden on his body. He is the final boss fight in the first game.

    Sly 2

    • Dimitri - Night club owner and is a member of the Klaww Gang, Dimitri is an artist who got his start in the criminal underworld after deciding to make forgeries of famous paintings after having his own works be rejected. He possesses the Clockwerk tail fetters, which he uses to print money. He joins the Cooper Gang in Sly 3 as repayment for helping him with a favor they owed him.
    • Rajan - After having made a living for himself by selling illegal spices to the black market in his youth, Rajan was able to obtain quite the lavish lifestyle for himself, and earned himself a position in the Klaww Gang. As the one in charge of their spice operation, Rajan was given possession of the Clockwerk heart to help increase spice production. He also holds the Clockwerk wings, though they're purely for decorative purposes.
    • The Contessa - Having inherited a large mansion from her short lived marriage, The Contessa, being a highly skilled hypnotist, decided to convert it into a prison to help rehabilitate its inmates. This earned her a high ranking position in Interpol, as well as a position in the Klaww Gang, as she used the spice created by Rajan to help hypnotize inmates into revealing the locations of their loot hoards. She is in possession of the Clockwerk eyes.
    • Jean Bison is one of the members of the Klaww Gang in Sly 2. He holds the Clockwerk lungs and stomach, which he uses to power his trains, and the Clockwerk talons. He spent a good portion of his life frozen in ice after a falling into a lake of freezing water some years back, and began cutting down the forests of Canada as part of his industrialization effort.
    • Constable Neyla - An Interpol agent who's partnered up with Carmelita in Sly 2. She often helps Sly out with his operations early on, but is later discovered to be a member of the Klaww Gang after a sudden betrayal ends with the gang ending up in jail.
    • Arpeggio - The leader of the Klaww Gang, and owner of the Clockwerk brain. His intentions are to rebuild Clockwerk and use it as his new body to gain immortality.

    Sly 3

    • Octavio - He was once a famous opera singer, but after its popularity died out, he joined the local mob and eventually became their boss. He was responsible for a tar pollution epidemic, which was shut down by Sly and the gang while trying to get Murray back.
    • The Black Barron - A skilled pilot who organizes the annual ACES competition that pits teams from across the globe against each other in a large-scale dogfight. He has been the undefeated champion of the competition since its inception.
    • General Tsao - An unscrupulous ruler of a small settlement in the mountains of China, General Tsao kidnapped the Panda King's daughter, Jing King, in an attempt to marry her against her will, after tricking the Panda King into taking up meditation, thus leaving his daughter undefended.
    • Captain LeFwee - One of the many pirate captains who reside in Blood Bath Bay. He is the fifth boss fight in Sly 3.
    • Doctor M - is he main antagonist in Sly 3. He's the owner of the island where the Cooper vault is held. He's tried for decades to gain access but has failed at every turn.


    One of the new additions to The Sly Collection are the four PlayStation Move enabled minigames (they can also be played with a standard controller). The games support up to four players.

    The games are as follows:

    • Bentley RC Race - Taking control of a romote control helicopter, players are tasked with navigating a treacherous course full of mines while trying to fly through rings to earn points.
    • Interpol Target Practice - Here, players are charged with shooting a circular moving target to score as many points as possible before time expires. Each player has his own target to focus on and are designated by their color (those colors corresponding to who the player chooses to play as, with Sly being blue and Carmelita being yellow, for example). Players may shoot the targets of their opponents as well, allowing them to gain a slight advantage.
    • Guru Dart Shooter - Similar to Interpol Target Practice in that it involves shooting, except that everyone focuses on the same target instead of being given their own to pursue. This game tasks participants with quickly shooting targets of The Contessa while trying to avoid shooting those of The Guru, with the former granting points and the latter detracting them.
    • Treasure Snagging - In this game, players compete to collect as many bits of loot that fall from the top of the screen as possible before time expires. Players do this by placing the cursor upon the target and pressing X to lock-on to it, then following-up with a yank of the Move controller (or a flick of the DualShock 3) to obtain it.

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